Metal To Infinity

It took pretty some years to record and finish this new album, but now they are back, and perhaps stronger than ever! Lanfear is a band that will appeal to those that are into the power metal with the addition of progressive influences. As they hail from Germany, Gundelsheim Badden-Württemberg to be precise, they don’t have the typical German sound. Credit to Nuno Miguel de Barros Fernandes who is the vocalist of the band since 2006. His voice was first heard on their previous album ‘X To The Power Of Ten’, which was a really great release, but the die-hard Lanfear fans probably missed the typical vocal chords of the original vocalist Tobias Althammer. Anyway, the new vocalist is really talented, and perhaps you will know this man from his previous bands Ivorie and Anguish. For this new album, I must agree that the vocals are better as they fit perfectly into the structure of the songs. Maybe, Nuno was more involved in the writing process which results in a coherent album.

The new album is titled ‘This Harmonic Consonance’ and fits from beginning to end to this new release. Lanfear is emerging to the top of progressive power metal in Germany, and I’m sure that this is their next step in their career! Opener “Giorno Del Giudizio” is a short instrumental part that leads into the real first track “Colours Of Chaos”. This one is really heavy and has a good speed as well! The vocals are resembling to Brainstorm’s Andy B. Franck, and that’s a compliment! Some tracks on this new album made me think of Nevermore’s Warrel Dane, so you have an idea about the vocal range of Nuno. What I personally like the most is the variety in the songs.

In the first song we hear a break with emotional fragile vocals, followed by a blistering guitar solo that speed up the whole track. Great, yammie yammie! The five members of Lanfear got signed to Pure Legend Records and I hope that this label will be valid enough to promote this band the best way possible! Lanfear is a pearl to needs to be discovered! If you want your metal uptempo with interesting breaks, you should listen to “Camera Silens”, but if you want an epic approach, I suggest “Ideopathic Discreation” that takes about 8 minutes.

The whole album is packed with strong material that gets better and better the more you will listen to it! Lanfear took the time to create something beautiful, so now it’s time to bring the songs to the masses! I hope that I will be able to see them live in Belgium, to check if they can bring the new material live as good as on this album! This one is shortly said: a must-have!

My rating: 89 / 100 (Review by Patrick De Sloover)