Metal To Infinity

This is another typical Stormspell Records release! This label is specialized in finding old superb (especially US) Metal bands that released underrated albums or demos in the eighties or early nineties, to re-release them again. Fatal Violence, Held Under, Enforcer, Rapidfire, Anacrusis, Amulance and Belgian Target… to name a few. I can’t thank the label enough for all what they did because I’ve discovered a few mighty bands thanks to it, formations I wouldn’t probably have discovered without them. 

Next in row is Last Descendants. This is a cult US Power / Thrash Metal bands that some of you might remember. I knew about the band but I never owned their album that was officially released in 1988. I suppose the owners of it must be proud. Anyhow Last Descendants started in the middle eighties to leave the scčne in 1995. Their demo “World war III” and this album are the only inheritance they left behind but there’s good news to tell. First of all you can get both on this CD, second the band is back together and a new album will be released soon. 

Last Descendants is the typical kind of eighties Metal band and fits perfect in the list of bands I’ve mentioned before. If you know neither of them I can tell you that the base is traditional Metal like Iron Maiden en Judas Priest, a bit of Thrash like Metallica, Meliah Rage or Megadeth is added and even plenty of Progressive touches are present. This isn’t just some Power or Thrash, therefore Last Descendants brings too much variation in their music. 

A weaker point is the production but imagine that in the Eighties this sounded pretty good, the only thing I want to say is that “One nation under God” is at some points a bit dated. It didn’t bore me at all because this is fantastic US Power / Speed / Thrash. If you’re into a mixture between sharp dressed powerful (with double bass drums) and fast played  arrangements you’ll adore this one. Add screaming and fast fingered guitars and you’ll have a closer clue what this is all about. The vocals are clear and mixes low vocal lines with high pitched screams, think about a mixture between Mike Munro (Meliah Rage) and Luke Easter (Tourniquet).  

At some points Last Descendants goes further and their Progressive touches are more clear. The riffs in “Malpractice” for example will remind you to technical Thrash bands like Mekong Delta, Toxik, Target, Annihilator etc. It’s a fantastic track with often sophisticated elements! It was one of the ways Thrash Metal was heading to in the early nineties but the Grunge also destroyed this sub style. Grunge shattered almost everything but after all true Heavy Metal can’t be destroyed and we still stand tall! 

I’m quite sure that plenty of Metal fans will adore this album (and demo), at least I did. Time after time I gave this album its spins and the more you’ll listen to it the more you want to hear it. It’s awesome the label kept the front cover original and I’m curious Stormspell will release their forthcoming album too. Anyhow I’m sure that the reunion will bring these guys to Germany or do you doubt that? I don’t… Anyway I really hope you guys to follow my advice and check Last Descendants out at or

My Points: 85 / 100 (Review by Officer Nice)