Metal To Infinity

I'm sure that all of you out there heard in the past about albums so called one-man projects. You know, that kinda works where all the present instruments / vocals are done by one single musician – well, I’d like to describe them as real magicians. JUST ROCK PR  sent me the album from a Canadian solo artist named Leo Biollo last week en make notice of this fact right on: “From The Depths Of Hell To The Gates Of Heaven” will take your breath away for sure. Have quite a few solo albums in my own CD collection but none of these has the quality of Leo’s debut effort… let that be clear!  

Leo started writing own music and learned to handle a guitar at the age of 12 – throughout the years he developed into a phenomenal axeman loaded with ‘gifted to the bone / world class’ tactics. Being into hard Rock and Metal for decades myself, I have to admit that I never heard of Mr. LB before. Can’t tell you how pleased I am to meet a solo artist like this – about his debut album, I’d like to say the following words… 

The album is a self produced output – as mentioned before all guitars, bass lines, sequencing drums and vocals you’ll hear come from the man himself and that’s quite impressive to me. Without reading the info sheet before listening to entire album, you definitely would say: “damn, this a great band”. Afterwards you have to reconsider your thoughts because of the fact you have to deal with a one guy delivering a concept album so beautiful! 

Concerning the style you’ll hear on the album, well I'm sure that Bay Area Thrash Metal maniacs will be completely satisfied. There are seven songs served with an excellent sound production, good looking booklet including a few images of Leo himself, lyrics, the mention of credits / thank yous,… the regular stuff actually. Leo has a good voice to me – as for playing 80s Thrash Metal, this way vocal use fits completely. He does remind me of the singer from eighties thrashers Atrophy more than once. Based on the music only, comparisons with almighty Forbidden, Metallica (Master Of Puppets period), early Testament / Megadeth / Annihilator, Atrophy  can be mentioned as well - looking for details, I even hear a little bit of early Slayer too. I can’t say it over and over again – this album means a lot for myself, and more than probably also for old school thrashers with a heart for Bay Area stuff!   

From the great opener ‘Demonic’ up to song number 6 entitled ‘Killing The Demon’, Leo Biollo leaves me astonished! So pure, so amazingly great skilled – AWESOME, but the best has yet to come according to myself. There is one last song called ‘The Gates Of Heaven’ … well, I nearly got a cardiac arrest (laughs) I heard the track for the first time. More than eleven minutes lasting Thrash Metal with neck snapping tempo changes, breaks, fast riffs and incredible shred tactics, quite aggressive vocals… I’ve played the song many times til now and I honestly can’t get enough of it. Expect the unexpected and enjoy with full force… songs like this one (and actually the entire album) deserve my complete dignity for sure. 

I’ve already added Leo Biollo to my personal list of favourite 2009 albums. Truly longing for future efforts from this world class Metal artist – I need a break right now before re-start listening to his album again. Guitar freaks into 80s Bay Area Thrash Metal – check the master / the genius out at the following page: www.leobiollomusic.com.       

MY POINTS: 94 / 100 (Review by Stefan)