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Emmeciesse Music Publising proudly presents us Leonardo, a new melodic / neoclassical act that is ready for their second album “Armageddon”. Leonardo, as a name, sounds great, the frontcover artwork fits to the music, and “Armageddon” is an album that will appeal to fans of Rainbow, Malmsteen, Stratovarius among others. 

First remarkable fact is the origin: Leonardo was formed in Belgrade, the capitol city of Serbia. Second fact: I know another band from Serbia who released their second album this year “Egyptian Suite” (Karthago Records). The name of that band was called Armageddon.  I really don’t know if there is any link between both bands, but it’s rather unusual that the only two bands that I know from Serbia have the same issue and theme. The musical content of both bands is totally diverse. Read the review on this webzine to get an idea what the band Armageddon is all about.  Now, let’s focus on this Leonardo metallers and their new effort.  The recordings of this album happened after a six months break. After the recordings in August 2008, the band starts to mix the songs in January 2009, to release the second album on November 10th (European release date). 

On the inlay artwork we see a clock that is pointing at 5 minutes to midnight, so this is the moment of truth, before Armageddon is going to take place. The founder and leader of the band is Ivan D. Milcic, whose also the guitarist, composer, songwriter and arranger.  This is what they call the main man of the band.  He found the band around 2001 with his younger brother who’s taking care of the keyboards for the band.  The first years were really hectic, as many different members came and went.  The members entered a recording studio to start working on their first album “Passion And Desire” around 2004. A lot of festivals followed and the band went on tour across their country as special guest on Riblja Corba Tour 2004. 

On the back of the CD, we see pictures of the three members of Leonardo, so I guess that they have problems again in finding a suitable bass player to complete the line up.  Anyway, Ivan was responsible for the music on Armageddon and what he did can be described as marvelous and wonderful! The first track that opens the album is called ‘Armageddon Has Come’ and this track blew my socks off immediately!  What a great sound, good speed, and really impressive and bombastic guitar lines!  This could be Malmsteen anno 2010, but believe it or not, this band is from Serbia!  Really awesome how they succeed in classical arrangements, good rhythm and awesome vocals!  This band is the next highlight for the upcoming years! People that were into the Rhapsody style  need to check this band, as they won’t believe their ears!  The guitars are dominant into the songs, the vocals are melting with the music, so I can easily say that I was totally impressed about the ‘Armageddon’ album of Leonardo!! 

It is really hard to find or pick some favorite songs as they are all impressive from start to finish! Check the internet to find some more info regarding Leonardo, and don’t forget to buy their album online! It’s really worth to check it out and you will have a good start in 2010! 

My Rating:  90 / 100 (Review by Patrick De Sloover)