Metal To Infinity

In the Summer of 2006, John Walker, front man and guitarist in the legendary British Death Metal band Cancer formed a new European Metal band called Liquid Graveyard along with his wife. In the spring of 2008 they demoed their first recordings which led them getting signed to Italian record label My Kingdom Music who released their debut album “On Evil Days” in October 2009. The band have subsequently contributed songs to the film, Witch of the North, and have now signed a deal with Rising Records, who release their new album entitled “The Fifth Time I Died”.  

Their music has been described as “Hybrid Metal”, as it absorbs different styles such as Doom,  Thrash, Death, Gothic and Avant Garde. But the soon you hit the play button, there’s not much coming for me. Simple riffs and grunts of female singer Raquel gets the CD started with ‘I Colossus’. On the next song Raquel starts to sing like Liv Kristine but with no high results. And so, song after song the album continued, alternating with both Gothic-esque vocals and grunts. I would like to describe the music as, what? Groovy Gothic, Doom, Thrash??? “Hybrid Metal”!

For me, the result is totally boring. Although the production is very good, the music is little. The songs, comes as fast as they go. Even the spoken word samples can’t save the songs. Liquid Graveyard has got a lot of work to make a record who stand up.

My Points: 61 / 100 (Review by Metalandy)