Metal To Infinity

To all those hooked on the almighty forces of full shredding Hard Rock and Metal music – stay tuned and read the following review written for the new output from US based formation named Livesay! It’s the band’s third album in line and have to commit, this is my first contact with their style of music. Thumbs up to Mike from Shredguy Records who sent me the promo – he knows very well that my heart and soul longs for shred guitar tactics since decades and writing down my thoughts on several efforts he delivered so far is a pleasant and appreciating job to fulfil.  

The new album from Livesay entitled “Awaken The Giant” is actually a self financed album featuring a bunch of true masters – each one of them are able to offer very impressive skills. Head of the pack, Mr. Gregg Livesay plays all the guitar tricks on the album and I have to say truly honoured – THIS IS AWESOME! This guy’s way of pulling string has no boundaries – he undoubtedly must be born with a six-string gun in hand… a natural born shred guitar wonder! Gregg offers loads of excellent riffs and oustanding solo - he is definitely one of the best guitar players at the moment.

But the rest of the line up looks very promising as well – Dean Sternberg (Toby Knapp, Into Eternity, Within Another) is the singer in the band and that’s a good point if you’ll ask me. His loud and very clear way of singing allows me to compare with Dream Theater’s James Labrie from time to time. No doubt about, Dean is a great and charismatic singer to me! Five string bass fiddler Tony D’Angelo (along with Gregg one of the main songwriters in Livesay) pulling string are made from a high qualitative form just like the drum beats of Tim Hunter and the keyboard deliveries of Anthony Stahl. It must be honestly said that with such a line-up reaching the top can’t be a problem at all. 

Based on the music, I’d like to compare with older bands Yngwie J. Malmsteen’s Risng Force and good old Alcatraz with Graham Bonnett. Livesay is quite similar with both legendary acts but in fact they goes a little bit further than that. To what I’ve heard on “Awaken The Giant”, Livesay add some progressive and little slices of dark elements as well to the music. I'm convinced – it works out beautiful! The titletrack for example takes me by the throat and knocks me outta control right on. Great vocals and pure shred guitar moves leaves you behind totally breathless. But there is a fully instrumental song that calls ‘Aphasia’ which is so amazingly beautiful to me… hard to explain my feelings while hearing this one – speechless and breathless, again! ‘Dance Of The Egyptian King’ is another instrumental composition which is not that strong as ‘Aphasia’ but still a very good shot. On the song called ‘Tower Of Silence’ you’ll hear two additional musicians named Kelli McCloud (vocals) and sitar player John Martino. Due to the use of a sitar instrument in the very beginning of this song, psychedelic feelings creeping down on me but that’s just temporary… after 30 seconds the usually power, shreds and good vocals returns as it should be. Last track ‘The Agonist’ brings on some more progressive Metal thrills. How to make a 12+ lasting track joyful from start till finish”? You’ve got the answer right here! 

I absolutely had a great time listening to Livesay’s new effort “Awaken The Giant”. Full of technical guitars fulfilling all my shred desires trademarks the bands mainly but the rest of the band deserves a reward as well. According to my opinion, GREAT!  

My Points: 90 / 100 (Review by Stefan)