Metal To Infinity

Lonewolf is a French band and it’s remarkable that the last years more and more French Metal formations are heading our way. For many years, for some kind of unknown reason, France had almost nothing to do with Metal. I have been in France so many times and I found it obvious how rare it was to see a Metal fan walking in the streets out there. But as I’ve said a new generation stood up and it’s no coincidence that France even contains his own big Metal festival nowadays, “Hell Fest”. 

I don’t know if Lonewolf is invited to this festival but after the first spin I have the feeling they will appear some day at one of those German True Metal festivals. Lonewolf is after all a band that is highly influenced by the German Heavy Metal scène and in other words they don’t run from typical clichés in the genre. If Running Wild, Paragon, Grave Digger etc. are bands you adore this release will be a piece of cake for you!  

Eleven pure True Metal tracks are waiting for you, mostly foreseen with that typical kind of vocal lines with even more typical background vocals. Nothing new around here, just Heavy Metal by a French band in a German version. The vocals are also typical and thus pretty mediocre and a terrible accent can be heard when the singer delivers his lyrics. Lonewolf is an eighties band and delivers Metal that is by far dated. Fans will not care about it, why should they anyway? In my opinion this music still contains its charms and therefore my respect. 

My Points : 70 / 100 (Review by Officer Nice)