Metal To Infinity

One year after the release of their debut album, brothers Paul (guitars) and David Mercelis (vocals) are back in business with the presentation of Lord Volture’s second shot called “Never Cry Wolf”. Just like the first effort again available as independent product and I really don’t understand these guys have still not picked up by one or another record company! Such a fantastic and very promising act forced to bring out their stuff independently seem like a shame to me.  Actually a same old story we heard so many times before– it just isn’t fair and unjustly to potential acts like Lord Volture who have much to offer to the world of Metal music. 

“Beast Of Thunder”, the band’s first album was a smack in the face… out of the blue, Lord Volture descended on earth and stole my heart of steel right away. Along with guest musician Jeff Waters (Annihilator), this output delivers the best in Heavy Metal music! I was quite confident that a second one would come out later on, meanwhile my own trust in Lord Volture is rewarded – entitled “Never Cry Wolf” I’m very pleased and proud to spread the word of Holland’s best band at the moment! 

Available as a good looking digi-pack, “Never Cry Wolf” has a very good sound quality on board, based on the eleven songs I can only shout it out loud… Hell Yeah! Along with this new album, the band proves to have made a big step forward. On “Beast Of Thunder”, the vocals were good but here and there, singer David Mercelis used a few vocal lines those he was not very capable to take fully care of... still remember, I defined it as ‘a bridge too far’ in my review. It was some kind of my concern for the second album, now that I heard the entire new effort “Never Cry Wolf” it seems they have taking a lot of time to make things better than before. For example frontman David’s throat sounds better. Now he takes the higher lines more easily and with more self confidence. Also his high pitched screams speak for themselves. The negative points I noticed on the vocal lines on Lord Volture’s debut are gone – “Never Cry Wolf” comes along with a much better, wide ranged, quite unique singer… great job David! 

His brother Paul and Leon Hermans still offering magnificent guitar works just like they did on previous album actually – very talented and indispensable axe wizards they are to me! Drums and bass duties in perfect harmony so Lord Volture is a bunch of high class musicians playing Metal from the heart. “Never Cry Wolf” contains songs with a deadly dose of Classic US Metal influences and that feels awesome to me… yeah sure, since the very early 80s I’m still addictive to it!!  Fans of early Jag Panzer, Metal Church, Liege Lord or Vicious Rumours… take your change. Otherwise, those into Traditional Metal stuff like Saxon, Priest or Accept are also eligible just like fans of Epic Metal in the vein of almighty Manilla Road will. People who like their Metal pretty fast in the vein of Iced Earth – Lord Volture won’t let you down! 

Not one single moment reminds me of the nowadays Metal scene and with all do respect, I’m very satisfied with that. I will not patronizing this scene but it’s just my passion for old school, mostly US Metal that is hidden too deeply in my heart and soul forevermore. Can’t live without my daily shot of US Metal if you know what I mean! I will not end up this discussion on Lord Volture’s new album “Never Cry Wolf” before mentioning the fact that grandmaster in high pitch vocals named Sean Peck from US Metal band Cage also lent his incredible vocal talents. You will surely recognize Sean while using his throat in a typical Rob Halford manner in times of good old Judas Priest! Phenomenal singer featuring on a very good Metal album loaded with tons of excellent shred guitar works, damn good vocals etcetera… no way out for both Classic US and Traditional Metal maniacs, simply order as fast as you can at: http://lordvolture.com/NCW/   you won’t regret this US styled Metal from Holland! 

My Points: 91 / 100 (Review by Stefan)