Metal To Infinity

Defenders of Classic Heavy Metal music in the vein of good old Jag Panzer, Iced Earth, Amulance or even Skullview and definitely early Judas Priest better make notice of Lord Volture, a five piece formation formed by singer David Marcelis (ex-Methusalem / Conquestador / Retaliate / Purgatory). Heavy Metal from the Netherlands always will take you by surprise – the Dutch scene spits excellent sounds of steel since the very early 80s… decades later on now and I'm burning to discuss another band from Holland named David Marceli's Lord Of Volture.

Without a doubt, David Marceli had a really good time with all the bands he was involved during the last few years but he finally decided to set up a band by his own. Ambition number one was to create a band influenced by the almighty gods of the late seventies / eighties Heavy Metal movement. In no time, David wrote a few songs and the line-up took shape step by step. His brother Paul (Up The Irons, Mercyful Fake) joined forces as guitarist, second guitar player that teamed up was Leon Hermans (Burn, Up The Irons). Frank Wintermans (Substance) in charge as drummer – Simon Geurts (Mercyful Fake) would take the bass lines for his account. This good oiled Metal machine was ready to rumble and headed to the recording studio to finish their self-financed debut album entitled “Beast Of Thunder”. 

The album has nothing to do with the nowadays, mainstream Metal scene and I'm really glad with that! In my opinion the nowadays Metal movement delivers too much crap, even not well enough to unleash but that’s my point of view you know. Lord Volture’s type of music is able to please me all over due to the link with other acts I really adore as well.  

Eleven tracks to enjoy on “Beast Of Thunder”! Total satisfaction on pure Traditional Heavy Metal music and able to keep your attention fully optimal for about one hour. This self financed product has a well done production and the album is available as a good looking digipack edition, within you will find back a nice and full coloured booklet with necessary information. Vocally wise, Marcel is the owner of a very good throat. His vocal lines are offered with a lot of energy. His vocal capacities ranges from kinda low to high pitched (check songs like: ‘Retaliation’ and ‘Hearts Of Steel’ – everything in between seems no problem for David as well. Really like the way he brings on the vocal lines but it needs to be said that every now and than, some of the notes can be defined as too high seized or in other words ‘a bridge too far’ such as on ‘Reign Of Fire’ for example. Good advise to David might be to sing within the boundaries of his own capacities without crossing the lines. Besides this, he’s still a very good player in the game of Lord Volture! 

Both axe grinders fighting their own riff and solo battles to the extreme – awesome! You will hear Jeff Waters from Annihilator shredding their stuff on a track called ‘Pure Evil (Hides In The Dark)’ – as a fan of shred tactics, Jeff’s one of my all time faves so who’s the lucky bastard here? The Netherlands Heavy Metal community can be proud with the release of “Beast Of Thunder”. Dirty and mean screaming guitars featuring breathtaking solo’s, really good vocals and thundering bass / drum lines allows me to announce this output as a must-have item for all those living their lives a pure old school Heavy / Power Metal way. To all fanatics of US Power Metal – “Beast Of Thunder” will conquer your heart and soul as well! http://www.myspace.com/lordvolture  /  http://www.myspace.com/lordvolture  

My Points: 86 / 100 (Review by Stefan)