Metal To Infinity

Late in the evening on August 10th. 2009 and on his way back home after picking up the brand new, five song effort – Lowres guitarist Nicolas dropped down a promo to review in my postal mailbox. The morning after, I was so damn curious about this new output entitled “Direct Order” – it doesn’t took long before my ears were infested by something great… I honestly was impressed – from the beginning on, I had a satisfied feeling deep down inside my heart and soul. 

Lowres actually started way back in 2000 – guys ready to rumble those days were axeman Stefaan (Steve),  Dominique (Himpie) on drums and singer Davy. Some other guys jumped on the wagon to complete the line-up. As heard the story so many times before, new bands mostly dealing with intern problems - I mean particular musicians enter the ranks while others say farewell. I’d like to call such situations pretty normal but only the strong survive you know. Never mind if guys turns their back and leaves the ranks – stand strong and replace them as fast as possible is the only way and so did the guys in Lowres each time they had to deal with such situations. 

Strong as they always were in the future, despite line up problems and stuff like that – the band can be hold their heads up high and being proud for what they did so far. A few demo’s saw daylight and when the time was right to walk the stage, Lowres always took the challenge right on. I saw them during a live performance quite a while ago and I can assure – the stage was about to explode. Damn, submerged by a lot of extreme power and energy… it was boiling hot in front of the stage that day. Let me be clear and declare myself a bit more efficient – Lowres is a great live act for sure… all those representing on a Lowres gig definitely have to be stand strong on their feet… if not, face the fat reality and take the chance to rip apart. 

Okay, back to their brand new effort “Direct Order” including a new guitarist (Nicolas who also plays guitar in Eternal Breath) and Foane (bass)… well, to me this way line up seems the right one! Three original members plus these 2 new guys in charge to deliver the best of the best… believe me on my word, “Direct Order” makes you want to move for sure. Lowres brings on a very strong form of Thrashcore Metal sliced with influenced taken from the world of Heavy / Power Metal – damn right they take it all for real. Excellent guitar riffs boost up with flammable melodic lines and I'm feeling comfortable. One of those strongest trademarks for the band is also the fact they have a wild, furious and aggressive vocalist within the ranks. This guy really goes to the extreme and gives everything he’s got in his chest… remarkable person with a huge vocal range. I also have a great feeling about the great moves offered by both drummer and bassist. These musicians duties to fit completely (check out the beginning of the song ‘My Law’) and my faith in the entire Lowres camp is optimal. 

Five songs to detect on “Direct Order” – an effort that is recorded at the Midas Studios by Tony De Block, an acquaintance figure in the circuits of Belgian Metal music! Tony did his job excellent – the songs have a great sound quality, not to polished and that’s what I like! 

‘Scorched Souls’ opens in style and can’t be considered as a familiarisation track to those never heard of Lowres. If you’re hooked on this one – well, you ain’t hear nothing yet! ‘Fearless Scapegoat’ and ‘Rise’ for example are other brilliant songs worth to check out – always played with a lot of attentions for technical details... especially the guitar lines take me by surprise. Ranges from fast to lower paced, also listen closely to venomous melodic parts when the time is perfectly chosen to arise. Let’s bring on ‘Ius Talionis’ and krank it up – let insanity take command and don’t care about the rest – just have a great time during this track, bang your head and go wild as a furious bull and the hunt for a spot covered with blood. Aware yourself that “Direct Order” also let hear a few beautiful breaks that is actually the evident Lowres took a big step forward – once again, this is the ultimate line up to me. One by one musicians armoured with the right spirit and bitten by the Metal! 

I truly hope “Direct Order” gets what it deserves and that’s a fair chance to reach a bigger fanbase both national and foreign aimed. We’re living in a small country but I goddamn guarantee you all, we have BIG Metal bands able to fight the fight whatever it takes. Defenders of technical guitar driving Thrashcore Metal music should give these Belgians a try for sure. “Direct Order”: great output with a lot of potential and don't forget - as soon as the Lowres gang walks the stage, all hell breaks loose! Check them out at: www.myspace.com/lowresband    

MY POINTS: 85 / 100 (Review by Stefan)