Metal To Infinity

Back in late 2009, a great guitarist named Simone Terigi made up his mind to set up a new band – necessary mission to let it all be done was to start hunting for the right guys creating a full line-up. Looking back into the past, Italy served top-notch Rock and Metal musicians so Simone’s hunt to find a decent band crew wouldn’t be a problem at all. In no time he recruited bassist Gianluca Eroico from the cover act Joe Satriani Tribute, Paolo Raffo joined forces with Lucid Dream to take place behind the drumkit – finally singer Alessio Callandriello offered his great vocal skills to the band as well. Checking out Lucid Dream’s line-up myself, there’s a whole lotta talented skill to detect but what the music style to offer? 

Each on of the players came on with own ideas to work out – creativity reigned in the camp of Lucid Dream and step by step one song after another became reality… it was time for a first full album which got the titled “Visions From Cosmos 11”. Putting in the silver disc, kicked in the play button and opener ‘Holy Rage’ started to rumble – first impression was the fact I had to deal with a band with a great singer. His style of singing can be considered as quite unique – especially while using his throat in a high pitched way I'm very pleased. Singer Alessio delivers the very goods – I’d like to compare him as a mixture of Geddy Lee (Rush), Robert Plant (Led Zeppelin), Gil Moore (Triumph) or even Janis Joplin.  

Listening to a first few songs of Lucid Dream’s new album “Visions From Cosmos 11”, they’re capable to bring a fresh type of Classic Hard Rock alternating with Progressive Rock elements. Another remarkable pawn in the ranks of Lucid Dream are the guitar pickings of Gianluca who’s definitely a servant of outstanding riffs and flammable solo works influenced by the master himself Joe Satriani. I like my Rock and Metal stuff most of all when shred guitar tactics are involved so based on that… Lucid Dream spoils me. Bass and drumlines seem in good balance to me which can be seen as another bonus point.  

To follow my own heart, musical influences from legendary acts like old Tygers Of Pan Tang, Led Zeppelin, Triumph, White Spirit, Joe Satriani, White Spirit, Gamma, Bad Company, Rush, Montrose cross my mind while finding my way throughout the entire songlist of “Visions From Cosmos 13”. This is one highly skilled, good produced debut album from a new Italian band coming on strong with a heart for Classic Hard Rock – total appreciation is on my side! Hear soundfiles of Lucid Dream at:

My Points: 83 / 100 (Review by Stefan)