Metal To Infinity

Italy is a very interesting country to those that are into the bombastic, theatrical power / speed metal. Sometimes they succeed to burst out bands that play the more extreme style of metal, and sometimes they spit out bands that direct into the pop/rock style.  I guess that Lymph can be pigeonholed into that direction.  On the info sheet I notice that Lymph their musical style is Melodic Electro Rock, but I don’t agree all the way.  Some songs are really bombastic, while others are diametrically opposed. 

The opener of the album is called ‘Something Invisible’ and starts very bombastic in the vein of Nickelback. Even the vocals of Vito Licari have a lot in common with the Canadian superband!  After this cool opener, we get a short instrumental part of a minute and a half, which is called ‘Birth Pt. 1’. The feeling that I had from the first track was swept away immediately. I don’t know why they add a short instrumental part after a cool openingssong? You loose all the interest, and that can’t be the intention, is it? Let’s skip to the next song ‘How Can I Explain?’ which has a modest beginning, followed by another bombastic and theatrical break.  Now we hear a female voice that switch over into a duet between male and female parts, but all in all, contains a good chorus line. ‘One Second Left’ is the fourth track on this album and seems to be another great rock song. Although there is enough force in this track, there is also a melancholic approach in the musical layers.  My conclusion after several listenings is really simple. Lymph knows how to create bombastic breaks, but the songs don’t really linger on.  They all have the same approach, and after a few spins, you know exactly when the mellow part will switch over into the heavy part and vice versa.  

Track 6 is called ‘Mirror Of My Soul’ and this time it’s the same dish. The song starts really heavy to switch into modest when the female vocalist mixes in.  At the moment that the male vocals take over, we get another heavy dose of guitars and drums. It’s all so predictable… but we don’t make any allowances. Track 7 contains a lot of electro influences, and also after the guitars dropped in, the electronic sounds linger on. When ‘Obsessive Voices’ started to play, I thought that it would become a disco song.  Bweeuak !!  After a few breaks, Lymph can’t deny that they are into a band like Depeche Mode.  Beweeuak again…  

Track 9 is called ‘Ashamed’ and contains some heavy tribal drum parts. As I am a metal head, this track could turn into my personal favorite track of the disc.  And, here we are again, track 10 is the second part of ‘Birth’. Again we get a short intermezzo of 1 minute that is totally superfluous.  Let’s skip to the next one: ‘Flawless’, which has a very good start.  The guitars are heavy as hell, there is even a guitarsolo in the beginning of the song, so that might become my cup of tea. But, that would be too much asked, isn’t it?  So, the only thing I can say about this song: it collapse like a jelly, and that’s a real pity (again). 

All together, there are 17 tracks on this disc, and people that are into bands like Muse, Porcupine Tree, Depeche Mode and congeners might be pleased with this record.  I have the idea that the band is playing a bit too much of the same shit. As we are a metal webzine, I would ignore this band. From a purely objective point of view, they know how to play, but the arrangements are a bit too empty and weak.   

My Rating: 65 / 100 (Review by Patrick De Sloover)