Well, look what the cat dragged in! I suppose Memory Garden doesn't really need any introduction. Or do they? Well, let me be short for those who are ignorant about this band. Memory Garden is a Swedish Melodic Doom Metal band since 1995. Since that year they released a debut EP and three fantastic records. A brand for Memory Garden has always been the combination of  Doom Metal with higher tempo parts. Another trademark is their fantastic singer who has always lifted the band up to the highest level. An awesome bandÖ 

It was since 2000 we've heard something about Memory Garden and this long wait results in another first class album. From the very first song I am into this new CD and Stefan Berglund proves again to be the perfect front man for Memory Garden. His clear and strong voice is pretty unique and you can't deny this manís talent. This man is a genius and he is, in my opinion, not respected enough.  

Once again Memory Garden succeeds in their goal to deliver catchy songs, all foreseen with plenty of power. As Iíve said before the varied tempi and the way the arrangements are performed impress the listener. I also hear an outstanding production done by Mike Wead (King Diamond, Mercyful Fate). In 'Dominion' I even hear solo's which remind me to the godly guitar duo Denner / Sherman. Memory Garden isn't actually an original band but only Candlemass, Krux and Solitude Aeturnus can perform this kind of Melodic Power / Doom Metal. I can't say which of these four bands I prefer. 

The guitar solos are just mind-blowing! Donít expect any fast fingered shreds but it is remarkable how much emotions are weaved into these solos. The intensity with which these guitar parts are played are without any doubt one of the highlights. Overall the heavy loaded, colossal riffs and the guitar solos have a stunning effect. Another noteworthy fact is that most songs are bonded with each other by some great samples or musical pieces. They make this record pretty sinister and macabre. Memory Garden creates a special atmosphere with their new album, one that will easily take your soul away! 

It is hard to tell which songs are the best of this album. To me all are equally qualified and it is impossible to find any weaknesses, no matter how hard you will try. Memory Garden easily sucks you into their rhythms and it is possible to be addicted to this one after only one spin in your tuner. Nevertheless Memory Garden delivers you darkness and itís no coincidence a fan of US Metal, like me, is fond of this band.  It seems that not only the fans were hungry for a new Memory Garden album; also these Swedish lads put all their energy in this record! This formation worked hard to ensure that all their strongest points are recognizable! Twisting cutting-edge crushing Doom metal which is mixed with a diverse powerhouse of vocals, just the way I like it! 

It took a long time to release this CD and I really don't know the reason. Maybe we should ask these guys for some more background information. What I do know is that ''Carnage Carnival'' is a welcome surprise and I'm pretty sure this album will end high in many year lists. The new Memory Garden is awesomeness in its purest form and I really hope I will finally see this band on stage. My Points: 96/100 (Review by Officer Nice)