Metal To Infinity

After a successful set of awesome Metal efforts from bands like Catch 22, Heathendom, Nomad Son, Fallen Angels and Skelator, brought out this year 2008, record label Metal On Metal is back with two new releases from Battlerage (Chile) and Metal Law (Germany). Each time leaders of this label pop up with something new - be sure that Metal magic hangs in the air! First let me spread the word about Metal Law's ''Lawbreaker'' - feel free to keep an eye on our CD reviews section to read all about Battlerage's new album shortly after.  

Actually started as Rapid Fire, they decided to change the band's name to Metal Law somewhere in 2006 (I guess). Outfits switching their names - a story we all know so well, it happened over and over again in the past - I really don't give a damn about it. More important is the way they offer Metal music to the masses. As for Metal Law, I was a fan since their debut album ''Night Of The Wolf'' (Battle Cry Records) - True Heavy Metal loaded with a classic boost. If this output hasn't flaunted yet in your private CD collection... you know what to do right away, right!?  

The second assault from Metal Law entitled ''Lawbreaker'' is even better than its predecessor. So far, I listened to this new album a few times - my impression about it is very promising. You're a fan of True Heavy Metal or you're not - you must have this kinda spirit breathing down your neck for a long time, old school Metal is a way of living and without experiencing the '80s Metal era yourself, it's hard to describe how important this style of music is for us - even after several decades, we keep our faith in it!!  

Germany based Metal Law is influenced by good ol' icons like early Iron Maiden / Running Wild / Manowar / Accept /... They have a great singer in their ranks, raw, gritty but straight as one can get - this is what I call "a frontguy that breaths Heavy Metal" pure. Dynamic sound, not too polished feels good - also the many battles that rage on between both guitarists are impressive. Very melodic guitar duels taking you by the throat during the entire album. With the support of generous bass and drum works, ''Lawbreaker'' mercilessly breaks down the hall in no time.  

A beautiful cover art done by Jowita Kaminska looks phenomenal, let me say "very Metal" (chained, long haired Metal maniac stands his own ground, trying to break free from a dungeon) - cool pictures of the band shining bright in the booklet, also you can scream your heart out while reading the songs' lyrics. Not one single detail is forgotten, "Lawbreaker" approached total perfection. Before leaving, I'd like to share my favourites with all of you - be sure to check them out... "Right To Rock", "Between Dark And Light", semi ballad "Heroes Never Die", "Metal Law" and the last one "Heavy Metal Is Forever"

I fully agree with the title of this last song - born a Metal maniac, stay who you were and who you are right now... don't take no for an answer, fight for your own rights - if needed, be a true "Lawbreaker". Metal Law website at: or Don't forget to visit Metal On Metal's homepage at: .

My Points: 90 / 100 (Review by Stefan)