Metal To Infinity

I assume that UK based promotion company named Two Side Moon forwarded my postal address to the band M.I.C. to rush a promo CD from their new album “Out 2 Rock”. Make notice of the fact M.I.C hails us from China… back then in the eighties, this country got excellent Metal on the map to deliver. I immediately think back to bands like Magnum 44, Loudness, Earthshaker, Bow Wow, Anthem among others. I’ve mentioned it so many times before, those were the days Metal was Metal the way it supposed to be – decades later on now, all looks different in the Heavy Metal community. I guess that the good old days of Chinese / Japanese Metal are history… that was then, this is now and a band like M.I.C. underlines my statement. 

Consisting out of  three guys and one, new recruited female rhythm guitarist called Angela Renzetti who’s originating from Seattle Washington USA. “Out 2 Rock” must be the band’s second output after they’ve started back in 2004. While checking out their background history, I have to convince myself of the fact they were seen on TV all over China delivering live performances – point is that M.I.C. scored good points by those who watched. I also read that their debut CD got airplay across multiple European countries followed by reviews in magazines as well. If these were good or bad I really don’t care at all – to me is M.I.C. a band that never will conquer the world of Rock and Metal… I’d like to show my respect for all the courage and hard labour they’ve joined so far but this way of music isn’t my alley for sure. 

M.I.C. plays Melodic Rock / Hard Rock but it sounds all to weak for me. Singer Yvon Serre for example hasn’t a bad throat but something is lacking, the final touch is the point I can’t find back while this guy completes his duties. Have to admit that the sound quality of “Out 2 Rock” is darn good but as for the music, I’d rather take some distance. I hear some influences from Green Day, Ziggy Stardust / Marc Bolan & T-Rex (in a minor way),… these two last mentioned ones can be considered as Rock legends and I have absolutely no problems with that but concerning Green Day, well I don’t like their stuff at all! “Out 2 Rock” has 13 tracks (written by singer Yvon Serre) to offer, here and there there are a few good rocking passages to detect but nothing more, nothing less unfortunately.  

M.I.C. can do better than this, I’m sure about that – they just have to work on better song structures / arrangements and say farewell to the Punk-esque touches… instead, they should bring on some more screaming guitars delivering powerful riffs and stunning solo works. Boost it all up guys and than, I’ll look forward to hear from you again. “Out 2 Rock”, a Melodic Rock album which gives some kind of a sour after-taste according to myself.     

My Points: 50 / 100 (Review by Stefan)