M.I.C. – 3rd DEGREE



Metal To Infinity

M.I.C. is a band from China that started in 2004. They already have 2 albums out and are now introducing their third called “3rd Degree”. To be honest I have never heard of this band but according to their information they are very well known in China. M.I.C. now has a new lineup which boasts three new members: Tommy Burke on drums from London, Uchida “Yugi” Yuuji on bass from Osaka, and Dave Smith on keyboards from Liverpool. Angela Renzetti is back with the band according to their info which of course means that she was part of the band in the beginning.

The album features different styles ranging from Punk, Rock & Roll, Ballad, Melodic Rock and Metal. That is what is claimed but for me this is just another Rock album with good and less good songs. I actually don't class this as Metal.  

The album has 12 songs, one of them is a duet with Angela Renzetti, who rejoined the band. But the song with the fitting title of "I'll Be Back" is the only one where we actually hear her sing, backing vocals on other songs excluded. Seeing as that song doesn't actually make it for me I see no reason for her return.  

This band may well have a big name in China, but I don't think they will break through here in Europe. Monotonous music and boring lyrics is all I hear. Very substandaard. 

My rating: 53 / 100 (Review by Metalandy)