Metal To Infinity

Quite a while ago, I wrote the review for Australian based Airbourne’s “Running Wild” and I said to myself – damn, this is the most impressive band playing in the vein of legendary AC / DC. Focussed on the guitar works, rhythms and singing parts – Airbourne deliver the goods, it felt like I listened to one of the greatest Classic Hard Rock bands ever! 

Retroactive Records just released another album from a Delaware based band named Main Line Riders entitled “Worldshaker”. Must be their second album I read on the info sheet – well, I have to reconsider my opinion about the fact I wrote, Airbourne is the most impressive AC / DC inspired band… Those words were correct until I heard the new effort from MLR actually! 

Recorded by Tim Bush (Bride, Guardian,…) and mastered by J. Powell (Faith Factor, Grave Robber, Arnion,…) – “Worldshaker” contains 12 songs, mostly in the good old tradition of AC / DC. A bunch of tracks following the tradition of these legends in times of almighty Bon Scott, true fact is Main Line Riders succeed completely. Like two drops of water and while shut your eyes, you’ll hear so much comparable elements – quite amazing! 

On “Worldshaker”, there is also place for a few non-AC / DC esque songs… better be ready for some real Classic Hard Rock action with songs akin to the sound of early Def Leppard, Cinderella, Krokus, Spread Eagle, Broken Teeth, etc. This is Rock ‘n’ Roll in its purest form – an effort that’ll kick you in the face for sure. The present songs leaves you not in an impassive situation – you’ve gotta move to the rhythms Main Line Riders deliver. If you’re not, something wrong with your rocking attitude. 

New singer Shawn let me think in silence about the resurrection of famous Bon Scott and I wish it was true! In fact no one can replace this almighty brother of Classic Hard Rock because he had such a unique voice and attitude… untouchable basically! Anyway, Main Line Riders ensured a bump in my head while listening to “Worldshaker”. The follow up to AC / DC is already assuredly! Must have for all old school Rockers!   

My Points: 84 / 100  (Review by Stefan)