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“The Deluge” is album number five for pioneers in US Epic Heavy Metal band named Manilla Road. Originally released in 1986 – Shadow Kingdom Records re-unleashed this Classic Heavy Metal masterpiece a few months ago, great label who also brought out Manilla Road’s five song EP entitled “After Midnight Live” at the end of April 2010. In the past, other record companies like High Roller (mostly on vinyl), Underground Symphony and more came on with re-issues of this legendary act which is a totally appreciated gesture… it keeps the spirit of Manilla Road alive! 

Very good news for all those into the sound of Manilla Road  - Shadow Kingdom will unleash a brand new MR album entitled “Playground Of The Damned” at the end of October 2011. Make notice of the release date because it’ll be something special. Refresh your memory and admit how many great efforts these guys delivered so far. More than 30 years into Heavy Metal deserves a standing ovation to me – I’ve read reviews who claim the opposite and especially to those I’d like to raise my middle finger, be sure I will!! I look forward to the new Manilla Road and will share my thoughts about the album here on Metal To Infinity webzine when the time is right. 

Back to the re-issue of the great “The Deluge” effort, I can be pretty frugal with my words. To me, it’s a highlight in the history of Manilla Road and Heavy Metal music in general. The very early albums of the band were totally epic minded - once in while they took us under the spell with psychedelic elements as well but that was just the strongest point of MR. Based on both music and mainly vocal duties, I’d like to describe the band as one of most unique bands in the history of Heavy Metal. Some of the later albums of Manilla Road appear with more Speed Metal guitar riffs – maybe it was something they would like to try out back then but in the end, they fully succeed. All resulted in good old Epic Heavy Metal with speed up velocities and much more aggression than before as we all witnessed on both “Open The Gates” and surely “The Deluge” efforts.  

Listening to Manilla Road’s early albums “Invasion”, “Metal” and “Crystal Logic” one after another, you can feel the band’s musical progression growing stronger and stronger. Followed by “Open The Gates”, “The Deluge”, “Mystification”, “The Court Of Chaos” and “Out Of The Abyss” they reached the ultimate highlight in the existence of Manilla Road. To me personally, the rest of the albums that came out after all were still very appreciating and recommendable but not in a way I like their previous works. Each and every bands reach heaven one day but as always great successes fade away after a while – actually a story that repeats itself since human memory. 

In fact, this review belongs to the re-issue of Manilla Road’s fifth album “The Deluge” through Shadow Kingdom Records and there is only one thing left to do… buy the CD as fast as you can people! If you are looking for Epic Heavy / Speed Metal with good old Hard Rock elements you have no reason to hesitate. If you think that Manowar is the only way out to deliver Epic Metal as it should be, you’re completely wrong – first you have to check out Manilla Road, than we’ll talk further. Strong and memorable pieces on “The Deluge” are: Dementia’, ‘Isle Of The Dead’, ‘Taking By Storm’, ‘Hammer Of The Witches’ and ‘Shadow In The Black’. Don’t forget to sing along with the song ‘Divine Victim’.   

I'm very pleased with the re-issue of Manilla Road’s “The Deluge” CD version which is still one of the best Classic Epic Heavy Metal albums ever been unleashed. Order at:  ...  "Up The Hammers & Down The Nails" (Mark ‘The Shark’ Shelton) 

My Points: 99 / 100 (Review by Stefan)