Metal To Infinity

Power Metal addicts surely must have already heard about Denmark based act named Manticora (formed in 1996). Basically an all star Metal band to me due to the line up contains high levelled musicians, actually guys known from their contribution with other greats like Wuthering Heights, Evil Masquerade, Fool’s Fame, Fear Itself, Human Factory and more. Enough quality on board of the ship and while refreshing my mind on the Manticora’s past years of existence allows me to say that these guys defended their own fields of Metal with an iron fist and with success! From their first full length album “Roots Of Eternity” (1999) up to the seventh and new effort called “Safe” there is a whole lotta pure Power / Speed Metal to enjoy! Those unfamiliar with Manticora, make up your own mind HERE. As for now, I’d like to focus myself on the new album mainly. 

Delivering outstanding Metal since more than a decade deserves a fair deal of recognition to me. For uncountable bands it’s not that simple to sign one or another decent record contract. Hard to tell for all the unlucky ones but not for Manticora – now they were contacted by American Nightmare Records, the ultimate label where Power and Progressive Metal lives as one big family! 

With songs about fantasy and science fiction based themes, the new Manticora effort “Save” is able to keep my attention up high during the entire running time. Highly structured Power / Speed Metal songs, included: unique vocals (in the vein of Blind Guardian’s Hansi Kürsch or Iron Savior / Savage Circus’ Piet Sielck). Manticora can be seen as a European Metal band but they really differ in many ways from the mainstream flow which is a very point to me. I do not dislike the Euro Power Metal scene but as I told many times before – playing a few CDs from different EPM bands, it feels like I'm listening to only one effort from one particular formation. Do you get the picture a bit? Long story short: originality is lacking! 

That is exactly why I became a fan of Manticora – only focussed on the quite unique vocal delivery and a lot of pure powerful guitar works including tons of great melodic solo’s, the band’s new album “Safe” has loads of pleasant moments to offer. Also better be alert for devastating drum lines and a bass player able to turn you upside down – watch your ears for lethal doses of really heavy bass chords. If that ain’t enough, well I  make the story complete, they also have another striking good element to announce and that’s the speed accelerations Manticora take care of. When it happens, better start gasping for air! 

I’d like to recommend watching the latest videoclip coming from the new “Safe” album… pure pleasure guaranteed while seeing and hearing one of the new tracks entitled ‘From The Pain Of Loss’ (I Learned About The Truth’) HERE’s the place to be! Checking out the physical CD You definitely have to hear ‘In the Abyss Of Desperation’, ‘Silence Of Freedom’, Blind Guardian fanatics, ‘A Lake That Drained’ is the one that’ll please you!, the brilliant ‘Carrion Eaters’ and ‘Safe- Searching / A Miracle / Fading / End(less), actually my favourite for sure. God, this song has so many awesome moves on board – only the most skilled musicians are able to create such a fantastic song. It underlines again the fact Manticora is really good so get up and try to grab on their new album as fast as possible – you won’t regret at all! Make notice of the fact: Manticora means Euro Power Metal at its best. To order, check     

My Points: 90 / 100 (Review by Stefan)