Metal To Infinity

Forgive me father for I have sinned! Damn, I really am ashamed that I have nothing of Mass in my collection and I have already contacted my local CD store to ask what is available from these guys. Retroactive Records really is a label to keep your eyes on if you’re into US Christian Metal anyway because these guys also re-released  the first Deliverance CD’s, two forgotten gems by the way. Furthermore other awesome records came out through this label; think Faith Factor, Saint, Fires Of Babylon, Jacob’s Dream etc. 

Mass isn’t of course a new band, these guys are around since a few decades! As far as I know their very first album was released in 1984. These guys play typical US Eighties Metal, Heavy Metal pur sang, melodic and focused on good rhythms. At some points they hardly cross the boundaries of what we could call Glam Metal but it would be unfair to label them in that direction. No, bands like Warrior, Stryper, Q5, TNT etc. are crossing my mind instead and therefore I repeat that it’s such a shame I discover the band’s music now. 

Tracks like “Watch Her Walk”, “Part Of Me”, “Voyager”, the title track etc. are good enough to make this a band I need to spit out any further! I’ve read this album was never released before, fans should try anything to lay their hands on it.“Do You Love Me” made it to a number one track in 1985, not federal but on a Boston Radio Station. It’s a very commercial song from which I can imagine it was popular in those days but unfortunately Mass never really broke through, although not in Europe. As a matter of fact this is the kind of songs that fans of Ratt, White Lion, Poison, Guns ‘n Roses etc. would appreciate. 

The heavier songs are more the way I like my Metal, don’t hesitate to try the band out at their site, no matter how slow it works on that forum nowadays. This CD breathes everything that the Eighties Heavy Metal sound really holds and therefore it is more than worth checking this one out. New Metal heads will maintain the perfect idea of that specific scène, old fans will make a trip to Memory Lane.  

A good singer, great guitar solos, fantastic songs and after all it’s a pity this band didn’t get any bigger but don’t ask me what went wrong with this band, what made them hold into the underground. In my opinion they had anything a big base of Metal fans really wanted two decades ago but they prove again there’s more needed than just good music to become a Rock star.  

As above it seems not everything from these guys released is available but my advice is to get as much as you can! Visit their site at Another good reason to listen to Christian Metal! 

My Points: 90 / 100 (Review by Officer Nice)