MASS - TAKE YOU HOME (Retroarchives Edition)



Metal To Infinity

Mass is an icon if we talk about Christian Metal. Okay, Stryper might be the biggest and most controversial band amongst the Christian bands but Mass is also around since the early Eighties, never maintaining the respect they actually deserved. That’s a pity because these musicians are outstanding, all what they do seems to be perfect…except for their career. Their belief in God might have been an obstacle in our overruling dark Metal scène but musical wise this band should have broke through so many years ago.

Mass has always floated between some kind of Melodic – a bit comercial Eighties - Metal on the one side, some more typical US Metal on the other. Both fits the band perfectly and because I’m a fan of both subgenres Mass has always been a band I was interested in. Listening to this release really was fun, makes me long again to hear more from the band in the future. “Sea Of Black” was their latest effort, dated 2010, but it’s about time to release new music.

This EP, official released in 1988, belongs since many years in the row of “impossible to find” records but thanks to Retroactive Records it’s finally possible to purchase it for a normal price. It’s without any doubt a release you should buy if you’re a fan of US Metal! “Take you home” is, as we’re used to from these Boston guys, a pleasure to listen to. This EP breathes everything Eighties US Metal is really about and makes you travel to Memory Lane! For those who are ignorant about Mass I can only advice adding this one to your collection if you’re into bands like Leatherwolf, Fifth Angel, Racer X and yes, Stryper. Melodic arrangements, strong clear vocals with high screams, superb guitars and tracks that keep on playing on your mind. Six songs are foreseen and the band obliges me to make one after another spin!

I hope the band will finally make a trip to Europe to appear finally on for example the next Keep It True Festival. Oh yes, they would fit perfectly there. I’m quiet sure that international crowd would adore to see these guys as much as I do! Check

My Points: 90 / 100 (Review by officer Nice)