MASS - VOICES IN THE NIGHT (Retroarchives Edition)



Metal To Infinity

Cruising down the Internet on the hunt for precious Heavy Metal music is some kind of a passion to me. There are so many great albums I’d like to ad to my own CD collection… the hunt is still raging on! Highly appreciating record labels those who re-issuing mighty Classic Metal efforts on CD must be rewarded – one among them is American label Retroactive Records. Recently, I wrote reviews for some of their newest releases such as Daniel Band and Stronghold – get ready for another one coming from Boston based Christian Metal act Mass. We at Metal To Infinity webzine showed our passion for US Metal by working a lot of reviews/interviews so far and be sure, plenty of more are on its way. Discussions for Mass’ debut EP “84 Unchained” and follow up “Fighter” are already posted online – now it’s my turn and pleasure to spread the word of the band’s “Voices In The Night” album, officially released back in 1989 through Enigma Records – produced by Stryper’s Michael Sweet. 

“Voices In The Night” has been released as one of the ‘Retroarchives Edition’ items on Retroactive Records. Better take a good look at the label’s homepage to find out so many awesome stuff! Remastering genius J. Powell of Steinhaus makes it all for real again – the final result yields a whole lotta pleasure. Ten original songs, plus two bonus tracks is what you can get – also very important is the fact that the album has just an awesome sound quality to offer. Available as a four panel, full colour jewel case… fans of Christian Heavy Metal like Holy Soldier, Angelica, Dokken, Hittman, Guardian, Stryper and White Lion – to place an order is the only way out! Here’s the address:     

Those into US Classic Metal must have heard of Mass before, no doubt about! “Voices In The Night” stands for very clean, kinda soaring - actually perfectly fitting vocals for a Classic Melodic Heavy Metal band! I don’t care if you’d like t call this gem Hair or Glam Metal – it felt just right way back in the 80s and still does in the year 2012. Flashing back to the 80s, White Metal had a lot to offer – I became a fan those days and the hunger to hear some more is still present. The reason for my admiration is simply to explain - all has to do with the using of clean/high pitch type of vocals and a flood of melodic guitar riffs including scorching leads… a type of precious music, mostly brought by US Metal bands, my everlasting favourite country when it comes to ‘music from the heart’. 

The title track, ‘Nine Tonight’ and ‘Reach For The Sky’ prove the power of the band - this means US White Metal in all its glory! It was a tradition to provide each album with a ballad, here’s ‘Chance To Love’ and ‘Call Out Your Name’. My favourites are ‘Turns It All Around’ and ‘Staying Alive’ because of the whipping rhythms, great vocals and ear catching guitar solo’s. We can’t deny the many Stryper influences – listen to ‘Carry Your Heart’ and ‘Follow Me’ (to name but a few).  

“Voices Of The Night” hasn’t highlights to offer - you know tracks able to blow you away. It’s just a real good Christian Heavy Metal album reflecting all the elements and moves we, Classic Metal maniacs, used to know from a time long ago so called The 80s! CEO Matthew Hunt and Retroactive Records gave this classic masterpiece some kind of a rebirth and I’m glad with it. A Reborn US Metal Classic supplies with a certificate of high dignity! 

My Points: 90 / 100 (Review by Stefan)