Metal To Infinity

Speaking about the history of US Heavy Metal music, it wouldn’t be fair if I did not mentioned a band called Mass. Formed way back in the very early eighties somewhere in Boston, Massachusetts – Mass debut “Fighter” actually never saw the break of dawn due to a serious problematic situation between the band manager and A & M Records back in 1982. After a discussion for two long years in court, Mass fought back and brought out a new and self titled EP loaded with four songs through their own label Mass Records in 1984. Well thank God we have great record labels like Retroactive Records among us. This is an American label which re-released a whole lotta package of Classic Metal albums throughout many years – memorable Metal works available on CD for the very first time so thumbs up to everyone in Retroactive Records! 

Please make notice of the fact, Retroactive Records deliver the very best with the re-release of Mass’ first LP “Fighter”. After all the misery the band had to deal with back in 1982, this is the ultimate opportunity to relive and hear what was all on board that album. Feel free to make up your mind while checking out Metal To Infinity’s review (by Officer Nice) right HERE. As mentioned before, 4 tracks were originally added to the EP from Mass in 1984 but when you would like the buy the same effort via Retroactive Records you will be spoiled with an extra track called ‘Bones’, a song that actually can be found back on a three piece demo recorded in 1995. Just like the rest of the songs, this EP sounds really awesome. I see the EP as very rare or hard to find article so those into US Classic Heavy Metal better check out the Retroactive Records homepage to purchase as quick as possible. 

Opening track ‘Looking Good’ and next one ‘Pedal To The Metal’ let hear what US Classic Heavy Metal is all about – hard to explain but you have to feel it yourself to know what I'm trying to say that nowadays, when I hear Metal from the past (read early eighties and especially delivered by US Metal acts), it still gives me a rush and very good feeling deep down inside. Great inner feelings like I have on a song called ‘Holy One’ played by the legendary Mass guys. Amazingly good build up track with very clear vocals and outstanding guitar skills. For some reason, all reminds me of good old Medieval Steel or Culprit fame - definitely my favourite track!  

I can shut down this review with a very positive note – US Classic Heavy Metal as it should be and surely a must-have for all people on the hunt for rare pearls of Metal. Stop by these guys’ myspace at: to show your dignity for the one and only Classic American Metal movement. 

My Points: 93 / 100 (Review by Stefan)