Metal To Infinity

I knew for some reason this band would sound like Megadeth! I suppose the fact Megadeth contains a song with this name has a lot to do with it but wasn’t there a Megadeth cover band with this name as well? Anyway these German lads don’t release their first CD, reading the biography it seems to be their fifth. The band describes themselves as a melodic US Speed / Thrash Metal band, with Punk influences and that says enough, no? 

Listening to this record it’s obvious Megadeth is the main source of inspiration and I have seldom hear a band that comes so close to the original. Singer / guitar player Wolf has even a same sounding voice as Dave Mustaine. It’s pretty frightening because I would have never ever believed before there was another man on earth with a similar vocal sound as Mustaine… Also musical wise you constantly have the feeling listening to a Megadeth record but I hear you think copying the original is almost an impossible job to do... I know, therefore Megadeth is far too good and there are tons of reasons why they belong to the top of the Metal scène. But…, you should take a good listen to Mechanix and I am sure that even open minded die hard Megadeth fans will adore this release! These guys are good, very good, believe me! They’re even so good that after a few spins I was even convinced listening to Megadeth, strange but true… I suppose it is the mixture of the band name, the vocal lines and vocal sound of Wolf, the way samples are weaved into the music and the performances themselves that making me think Megadeth all the way.  

What the band means with the Punk influences becomes clear in “Skarface” and “My Style” although what I hear right here sounds far better than every Punk band I have ever heard. I have never been into Punk music, although I have to admit it was an influencing style for Thrash Metal in general. Even more I have always detested their political ideas! Going back to this release I need to say I prefer Mechanix’ musical performances in tracks like “Collateral Damage” and the fantastic “Point Of No Return”. The rhythm sessions are typical for this kind of music and one after the other sharp riff is heading my way. Mechanix stays constantly melodic and the band certainly knows how to write a good song, “Point Of No Return” is the perfect example for my statement. Mechanix adds lots of emotions into their music and despite the fact they’re a Megadeth clone I am thrilled because of it. 

Although I am a big Megadeth fan I am pitying the fact that the band constantly obliges me to compare both bands. I don’t have any intentions bashing the band because of it because therefore I enjoyed this record far too much. There are so many bands on earth who are copying their favorite bands and I don’t feel the need blaming Mechanix for doing it… on a very good way! But in my believe Mechanix is talented enough to find its own path in the music industry. I’ve heard more than once a very good played guitar solo, an acoustic part that sounds awesome, hooks and leads that impressed me! I am convinced they have possibilities finding their own way because this is after all a very good CD. This is a very enjoyable release if you’re into the American kind of Speed and Thrash, if you like Overkill, Meliah Rage, Defiance, Powermad, Suicidal Tendencies, Metallica and… Megadeth! 

Fans of all bands and styles I have mentioned before shouldn’t doubt purchasing this release. I am longing to see these guys on stage but to me they will always be a Megadeth clone (listen to “Dies Ira” and “The Axe-Files” for example). Great release anyhow and check the band at  

My Points: 85 / 100  (Review by Officer Nice)