Metal To Infinity

Is it necessary to repeat the history of one of world’s biggest Thrash Metal bands over and over again? No it isn’t! Is it a must to keep on comparing Megadeth with Metallica? No, it is even ridiculous after all these years. No one can deny Megadeth is a first class, even a mainstream Metal band, responsible for several essential Metal albums. Every self respected Metal fanatic knows Mustaine wrote himself to the top of the Metal scčne and he deserves to be worshipped! He’s at the top since the early eighties and he never gave in! 

Nevertheless the departure of Marty Friedman, so many years ago, was a big loss for the band and Dave Mustaine never reached his goal to hook up with the quality of that particular era. Would it be better with Chris Broderick, the virtuosi of Jag Panzer? Let me already say it is and allow me to welcome you to a new page in the book of Megadeth’s history! Hold your attention and witness this historical part of Metal! 

Of course I was disappointed when I read Chris left Jag Panzer.  Jag Panzer is one of my favorite bands and  Chris Broderick has always been one of my favorite guitar players. Same counts for Glenn Drover but if I compare both I need to admit that Chris Broderick is more technical, especially in his solos. Glenn Drover is a fantastic guitar player, an extremely gifted song writer and he wrote incredible Eidolon albums; consider them as pure masterpieces. Chris Broderick’s talent on the other hand, after hearing this album, seems to be the missing link Megadeth was searching for. And yes, I believe that link vanished after Marty Friedman’s departure. For example; we haven’t heard an acoustic solo like we hear in “How The Story Ends” for about twenty years! Breathtaking! 

When I consider “Endgame” as another new start for the band I really mean that the ‘good old days’ seems to be back because of this album. If you consider “Peace Sells…” and “So Good, So Far, So What” (both without Friedman) , “Rust In Peace” and “Countdown To Extinction” (both with Friedman) as essential albums you will adore this release because you will hear major similarities with both eras. Megadeth never let me down but I can’t say every album took me by the throat, as a matter of fact it was a long time ago I enjoyed Megadeth this much… I saw the band a few months ago, as a support act from Judas Priest and it was already clear back then how important Chris Broderick might be for the band‘s future.  

The new songs are overwhelming, commanding, intelligent and technical as always. What’s more is the fact that the production is so much stronger…stronger than ever before. The reason is obvious; the use of more bass guitar produces a much heavier sound. I don’t think the band has ever had a better production than with this release. Andy Sneap did a fantastic job by adding a strong bass guitar sound amongst both perfectly produced guitars. The result is a ‘refreshed’ yet typical Megadeth sound but more muscular, forceful and robust than ever before. At least it makes the album explodes right into my face! Megadeth still sounds dark and the mighty intros and samples are still present! 

Thanks to Chris Broderick’s talent you will be astonished by the solos you will hear. Dave Mustaine delivers his typical kind of ‘filthy and nasty’-yet technical- guitar solos but no discussion Chris Broderick is the guitar master on this release. Fast fingered, technical perfect, full of emotions, sharp as a razor, shredding all over! Chris Broderick is the only guitar player in Megadeth’s history that deserves to be mentioned in the same sentence as Marty Friedman. The duo Mustaine / Broderick fits perfectly with each other and this technical kind of Thrash Metal is godlike! This duo is to me on the same level as Tipton/Downing, Murray/Smith…if you know what I mean! If you’re out for some spectacular guitar solos you won’t believe your ears! 

Every track is foreseen with Mustain’s typical vocal lines; often dirty and mean. Mustaine’s aggressive undertone in his timbre has always been a mark for the band. No other band sounds like Megadeth because of it! So yes, eleven masterpieces are waiting for you and thanks to all I’ve said before this album became another genius product of Mustaine’s brilliant mastermind. Believe me if I say this is the best Megadeth album in many years and even the semi-ballad “The Hardest Part Of Letting Go…Sealed With A Kiss”, foreseen with orchestral backgrounds, is a song that will shut your ears wide open! 

Did Megadeth after all these years still need  to improve? Oh yes, especially when you hear and see the pleasure and intelligence of this band anno 2009 you will decide Megadeth still didn’t show all of their talents! Looking back to the entire history of the band this album probably ends between the first five (maybe three) best Megadeth releases ever! Everybody says Megadeth is a Thrash band but by this release they prove, once more, their style is far beyond Thrash Metal! This is perfect Heavy Metal in general; this is how Metal should sound!  

I still pity the fact Chris Broderick definitely left Jag Panzer but in return I received a milestone in Metal’s history. So yes, I respect the path this God has chosen! After all Jag Panzer isn’t dead and Megadeth might have written the best album of 2009… can I expect more? Yes, I can because I don’t want this release to be Megadeth’s ending game… 

My Points: 98 / 100 (Review by Officer Nice)