Metal To Infinity

Retroactive Records is a label that supports only Christian bands. To me, in all honesty, those American Christian bands never disappoint! The lyrics might be a source of discussion for a part of the Metal fans but they never were to me. Lyrics are important but to me the music counts and since every possible subject is used by a Metal band I don’t see a reason to discuss this any further. Bill Menchen (The Seventh Power) along with his brother Bruce (bass), drummer Robert Sweet from the ultimate Christian Metal band Stryper and vocalist Ken Redding (His Witness) are forming this band.

No discussion that these Christian Rock artists are able to produce some outstanding Heavy Metal. Without any doubts “In the light” is an album that is full of great Metal tunes. A good singer, an outstanding guitar player, a decent bassist and an international famous drummer in one band should give thunder and lightning. Does it? Well yes and no…. What I hear are twelve good played Heavy Metal songs but after all I was longing or should I say expecting for more.

Don’t get me wrong because this album really knows its highlights and I don’t need to say that every musician is blessed with some exceptional skills. That might declare the reason why I was expecting more from this record. You don’t hear me say this is a “middle of the road” album but none of the songs really took me by the throat although that was exactly my first thought when I saw the line-up . And yes, I hear first class riffs and leads, yes I hear a good singer and yes I hear a varied album but… Call me bizarre or even a purist but at least I am sincere … Ken Redding is, from my point of view, capable of doing much more with his voice. His vocals, that often remind me of Eric Clayton (Saviour Machine) and Chaz Taylor (Jacobs dream), even a bit David Coverdale (Whitesnake), are good but to be honest I heard him doing much better! The vocals aren’t monotome but to me they’re not spectacular enough either. I am convinced that in this kind of music it are exactly the vocals that should lift up the band to a higher level but that goal isn't succeeded. Do you understand now what my hunger is all about? Maybe it's all about me and I am making the wrong conclusions, a review stays after all a subjective meaning... I really don't want to blame only this man because also the songwriting is in my opinion not spectacular enough for such talented musicians!

The result to me is that I pity the fact that such great musicians didn’t have the inspiration to release something ‘out of the blue’. No, this isn’t at all a bad album! Yes, I do advice you guys to take at least a listen to this one because it’s worth checking it out! Yes, this is more than decent Hard Rock / Heavy Metal...but in general I stay convinced that this must have been an album that really blew us away, talent enough to do so! Check

My Points: 78 / 100 (Review by Officer Nice)