Metal To Infinity

How more Christian can a band sound with the name of Messiah? Hardly impossible I guess. Anyway Retroactive Record is specialized in Christian Metal bands or should we say White Metal? So many names were called for this kind of Metal and I remember bands like Stryper had always had a lot of opponents in the past but they could also count on a big fan base.  And no, not every fan was a Christian, Stryper just used to play good Metal too, is it allowed? Oh yes it is and for some reason I have always liked this kind of bands because of the way they perform Metal. As far as I know there are still a lot of goodies to come on Retroactive Records, you don’t hear me complain… 

Messiah isn’t exactly a pure Metal band. I consider them more as a melodic yet heavy Hard Rock band with an average Progressive touch and okay, a little slice of Heavy Metal. I suppose fans of very old NWOBHM could be pleased by them. This band is in fact not that easy to be labeled but I suppose no one can deny how talented these guys really were. They know how to write a good song and bring varied arrangements. Messiah is all of the time capable to add a good emotional touch to their songs, by the guitars, the refrains or even heartbreaking vocal lines, Messiah touches more than once the soul of the listener. It’s clear these guys are mainly influenced by Seventies and early Eighties (Hard) Rock bands and I suppose fans of Rush, Marillion - and yes – fans of old NWOBHM  should give this band a fair chance! 

Messiah was formed in 1983and released “Final Warning” and an EP I made another review about. It’s so cool from this label that they still attend this kind of albums, releases that should have been forgotten without this record company. This sound a bit dated and I suppose only older readers are really interested, although Seventies Rock is also wanted by a younger public nowadays. While listening to this release you should be aware this music is almost 30 years old! For that time this was a kind of music that wasn’t that simple to deliver, another reason to respect “Final Warning”. Add the fact that I have heard plenty of good guitar solos and you have a good reason to try this one out. 

Of course it was way too difficult to break through with Christian music in the Eighties! Not only the NWOBHM, the biggest part of traditional Heavy Metal bands and plenty of Thrash Metal bands were worshipping the Devil and the dark sides of life. It was a big part of their success and you can ask yourself if bands like, let’s say Iron Maiden, Mercyful Fate or Slayer would have been successful if they would have delivered the words of God. I suppose not but I have always been a fan of Metal music in the first place and I still am. In these thoughts I consider Messiah as a good Hard Rock /Heavy Metal band with no exceptional yet a good album called “Final Warning”. 

My Points: 80 / 100 (Review by Officer Nice)