Metal To Infinity

As I wrote in the other review Retroactive Records re-released the official albums of a band called Messiah. This US Christian Metal band that was formed at the end of the Seventies / early Eighties but never broke through. As we all know that doesn’t mean anything because a lot of awesome music comes out of the underground. It was a fact back then, it is still a fact right now! 

This EP was the follow up for the debut album called “Final Warning” and it was a step forward for the band, at least musical wise. The production is stronger, the song writing is better too. The beginning track shows differences with what we know of their very first album and Messiah really took a step into the Eighties Metal scène by it. Messiah sounded much more mature right here and if you would ask me the band must have been ready to become a bigger band. The fast fingered awesome guitar solos are still present and everything fits!  

By this record Messiah was surely under the influence of bands like Def Leppard, Pretty Maids, Kiss, Alice Cooper, Q5 etc. Messiah sounded at least as heavy as those bands and also delivered melodic songs, the kind of tracks that keep on playing in your mind. “We Will Rock” is a good example of what I am talking about and can easily hook up with plenty of US Metal bands we all know. Anyway that slice Progressive touch, as I was talking about in the other review, is still present. Actually I suppose it is because of the vocals I have these thoughts. Several Progressive Rock bands are crossing my mind when I hear these vocals… Anyway I can tell you tracks like “Going Insane” and “Where Are You” are even this good that they’ll be added at my I-pod and that means a lot… 

So yes, this is a very good release and it’s a pity that Messiah vanished between all those awesome bands the Eighties Metal scène delivered us. By purchasing both releases of Messiah your collection is filled again with releases that are and will be forgotten anyway.  That doesn’t mean that the band deserves its place in your CD-racks because they delivered good stuff! On this release a few songs from a 1979 demo are added. 

My Points: 83 / 100 (Review by Officer Nice)