Metal To Infinity

Classic Heavy Metal mad maniacs on the prowl for a thrill – be aware the new and seventh output from Germany originating Metal Inquisitor is well underway to be released November 19th. 2010 through Hellion Records. Awaiting this new album entitled “Unconditional Absolution” for five long years is actually too long for me because I’d like to describe these guys as one of the best and most pure Heavy Metal acts Germany has on its map since a couple of years. Right from day one of existence, Metal Inquisitor offered sounds of steel as it should be and they became better and stronger throughout the following years. All those being present at the annual editions of famous and most interesting Metal events like HOA, KIT and WOA witnessed the band already – to what I’ve heard from my friends, their way of Metal melts the stage… awesome performances all the way out! 

Turning back to Metal Inquisitor’s new album “Unconditional Absolution”, I can say whole-hearted that you won’t get bored throughout the entire running time. Eleven tracks come on in a very powerful way and will rush you down for sure. Great vocal delivery by El Rojo reminds me of early Metal Church, Fatal Violence or Breaker days. This is a great, typical 80s styled Heavy Metal singer – about the remaining members I got the same feeling burning deep down inside my heart.  

All of the songs have a pure Classic Heavy Metal character – superb guitar riffs / scorching, full Metal loaded solo’s, drums able to hunt you down… and if that isn’t enough their bass player definitely offers you a final strike. I never heard Metal Inquisitor as strong as they are right now. Also the production seems to be optimal – not too polished so the 80s Metal touch stays quite intact! Full coloured, multiple pages thick booklet including pictures & lyrics looks very professional which is another point of total appreciation to me.  

Undoubtedly, Metal Inquisitor’s new album “Unconditional Absolution” is their best one so far – their were really good in the past but each and every track as standing on the new CD gives me the strength to say that they are one of the best Germany based Heavy Metal band at the moment – a cult act already! Fans of Breaker (USA), Fatal Violence, early Metal Church and based on the guitar moves even old Metallica fans will have a great time! Order possibilities at: . Watch for Metal Inquisitor’s official homepage at:  

My Points: 92 / 100 (Review by Stefan)