Metal To Infinity

When I saw the front cover of this band I was convinced this was one or another German Power Metal band but it isn’t. These guys are from Holland and we all know uncountable good bands came from this country in the past. For some reasons this little nation contains plenty of good musicians and I have always considered it as some ‘little kind of the USA’ when we talk Metal. Why? Because the bands from Holland mostly have a unique sound and the musicianship is mostly strong, technical and performed perfectly in every detail.  

What disappointed me for a little were the band pictures. I was expecting five guys with extreme long and beautiful hairs, from the kind I would be jealous of, but no… Not that this has something to do with my rating of this album but Dutch Metal bands are often well known because of it. Don’t ask me why… Anyway guys, when you are reading this – don’t even bother (where are smileys when I need them God damned!) . 

This isn’t a debut for the band and a few notes make clear there are skilled and experienced musicians around here. The production is amazingly good and Methusalem sounds overall very professional. The roots of Heavy Metal is their biggest source of inspiration, so don’t expect an innovating sound! Generally I’m not waiting for that much innovation anymore, I just want my Metal to sound true and overpowering. Methusalem is for these reasons a very good band and if you’re into Eighties Metal this band will please you from the beginning until the end. A bit of NWOBHM (Demon, Elixir,…), a bit Vengeance and even Vandenberg from Holland, the German influences by Mad max or Accept, a little bit of Guns ‘n Roses and even heavier stuff can be heard. “Forever” is to me the best song on this release and even fans from typical Eighties US Metal bands will be pleased – think for example Fifth Angel, Onward, Sacred Oath and Leatherwolf – although the band can’t always hold this quality in their songwriting! “Running In Circles” is another awesome track, containing indeed catchy refrains and musical elements. Also the title track is a highlight!  

Add a bit of a modern touch, sounding like European – especially German or Scandinavian – Power Metal and you will have a clue what this band is all about. The combination of old school Metal with a modern touch makes these Dutch guys sound strong, even for a part refreshing amongst all recent releases! Delivering a good singer with great vocal lines, strong arrangements, well played drums and often spectacular guitar solos are no problem for the band. Not that these guys only delivered catchy songs but no chance to get bored by any of them. As I’ve said before some fantastic tracks can be found and it’s a good reason to check their website (  

Darius van Helfteren, who worked with Judas Priest and Scorpions before, is responsible for the incredible good and clear production which is without any doubts another very strong point. Methusalem delivers the kind of music that will always bring you in a better mood, the ideal band to support bigger bands on tour in Europe. Methusalem might be far away – I think – of world’s domination but it is the kind of band you will always be pleased by to hear, even to see on stage. No world shocking album but it’s worth the money because of the good – even outstanding – musicianship and because this is Heavy Metal in its purest form! 

My Points: 84 / 100 (Review by Officer Nice)