Metal To Infinity

Roaring and humming guitars with high intensive, technical shred tactics – damn sure I still have a heart for it! The last few years, it rains awesome players – some of them independently while others got the chance to grab a record deal. One of those is named Michael Abdow who inked a deal with US based Shredguy Records – the ultimate record company who gives full support to extreme guitar virtuoso since a couple of years. The label proudly presents its newest acquisition by the name of Michael Abdow with his debut effort “Native Alien”. 

As been written In MA’s biography: he went on to study jazz and composition for a few years and succeeded completely as he earned an Associate’s Degree in music! One of his leading masters that guides him straight through flammable guitar skills was virtuoso Tom Kopyto, the M.A.C.C. recording artist (you can hear this grandmaster guitar genius also on “Native Alien” so you’re warned). Later on, Mike played in a band called Tempus Mori and recorded the album “Conviction”, Michael also played with Progressive Metal band Frozen and to make the list complete he delivered the very best in shred guitar tactics in a tribute band called Aquanett as well. The young man was ready for the big step – his own debut album which he will be surrounded by a bunch of extremely high skilled, world class instrumentalists. Entitled “Native Alien”, an album for all True Guitar Driven Hard Rock and Metal maniacs! 

Dropping down the disc into my CD layer, the index indicates nine songs of which 7 instrumental compositions… two remaining songs called ‘Eurasia’ and ‘Bleeding Dry’ have a singer on board and I really like both songs a lot. Michael’s superb way of guitar shredding in perfect balance with great vocals served by Kenneth Paul Benda (from the band Frozen) and Tony Whalen (from the band Aquanett)… well, it turns out great! I insist that fans of 80s US Metal like Dokken, Fates Warning or perhaps Fifth Angel better watch out for these two excellent tracks! 

As for the fully instrumentals I honestly have no reason the complain at all. Each time listening to a particular shred album I ask myself the question, how in the name of God is it possible to play such amazingly awesome guitar moves. As said before, these guys must be born with a six string in hands. Michael Abdow is a young aged individual who plays like the very best axemen I’ve ever heard so far – offering this type of musical demonstration must be a gift from heaven… this is absolutely incredible stuff. 

Hearing the entire album, it’s obviously clear that Michael has a world class form of technical skills within his finger tips. How to build up an instrumental track without one single, boring moment? To find out the answer to that question, check out “Native Alien”. Songs played with passion and pure intensity from the heart – expect moments where Michael follows a Jazzy or Fusion way of guitar playing. At the other side you’ve gotta be strong to survive his powerplay tricks as well. When Michael starts to destroy the fretboard nearly by using his shotgun firing away a dose of speed or thrashy riffage / solo’s… breath gasping is necessary! 

‘Tat Tvam Asi’ is a live recording that speaks to every guitar fan's imagination. It must feel heavenly walking the stage loaded with your favourite electric machine gun around your neck to spoil the crowd for quite a while with pure and intense guitar masterworks... I can only dream about it!  

The sound quality of Michael Abdow’s debut album “Native Alien” is good, not too polished which turns on the old school feel even higher and I'm pleased with that. So, reaching the end of my review there’s one good advise left to the ones following the world of guitar shred featuring so many awesome musicians - make notice of a young man called Michael A. – influenced by other guitar wizards like Joe Stump, Yngwie Malmsteen, Tommy Merry, Terry Lauderdale, Satriani, Vai, Harris, … at the moment he’s really amazing and I'm sure he will be even better as time passes by. The revelation in Guitar Shred: Michael Abdow. http://www.myspace.com/mikeabdowmusic  

My Points: 88 / 100 (Review by Stefan)