Metal To Infinity

From out of the USA I received this double Thrash Metal CD. Midian is, for those who have a good working memory, a band from New Jersey that was active at the late Eighties. Before they were known under the name of Mercenari but I admit I was also ignorant about this info. I’ve told it many times before and I suppose I must repeat it many times after; in that era it was almost an impossible job for a young band to break through! There was too many competition because Thrash was way too popular and when Nirvana killed Metal especially this kind of bands were helpless in the survival of the fittest. It makes it understandable why Midian never broke through and disbanded in the early nineties. 

As far as I know there was only an official release of an EP called “The Last War” but I can’t remember I’ve seen that in one or another Metal store around here. Anyway, these are words for the history books because Area Death Production decided to release all band’s work at this double CD. 

Midian delivers the kind of Thrash we’ve heard in the eighties many times. The EP “The last war” is good enough produced and you’ll hear one after another fast track. Midian keeps the tempo mostly very high and I’m quite sure the band is able to please several generations with their non compromising Metal! Midian comes from out of the underground, will probably always stay there but that doesn’t mean “Thrashology” isn’t an album to look out for. 

Midian often flirts with the boundaries of Crossover in vein of D.R.I., Excel, Suicidal Tendencies but for the main part Nuclear Assault, Acid Reign, S.O.D. are crossing my mind. Not that all these bands were able to reach world domination but there has always been a worldwide fan base for them. The new generation of Thrash bands are also mainly influenced by them. Therefore it isn’t a bad idea at all for Midian to reunite, what they also actually did a few months ago.  

Nevertheless the demo “First Impressions” pleases me much more. Midian sounds more technical on these songs and “Anthem” for example really is a hell of a track! This song contains darker vocals, sublime guitar solos and riffs that take me by the throat. Midian is meaner around here and at this point Dark Angel, Vio-lence and Sabbat (UK) are formations that sound similar. I don’t know what direction Midian will take after their reunion but I can only hold my thumbs high and hope for this kind of aggressive Thrash. 

Especially the vocals please me a lot. I have always been a big fan of Sean Killian (Vio-lence). Not that Dean Martinetti has an equal sounding voice but some of his vocal lines do remind me of  him. Anyway Dean Martinetti contains a strong and clear voice and for this kind of music he’s pretty wide ranged and I suppose his more aggressive vocal lines are the reason why I mentioned Sabbat before. Dean Martinetti is the perfect front man and because of what he did right here I can’t wait to hear how the band sounds nowadays.  

Also the guitars on “First Impressions” sound much better! One after another killer riff is heading my way and the fast played screaming solos make me long for more! The next demo contains, we’re still talking about CD1, the same songs. Then it’s about time to hear Mercenari... but still with Dean Martinetti on vocals because also Alex Guider was a member of the band (CD2). Anyway I’m enjoying the old pictures in the booklet. 

Listening to CD I hear the recordings with Alex Guider and also he wasn’t a bad singer. Mercenari sounded more traditional and he could please me too. The result is a second CD with one after another great song. Fans of pure eighties Thrash Metal shouldn’t doubt purchasing this one and let’s hope the band will come out with something new in the near future! Check http://www.myspace.com/midianthrashnj.  

My Points: 84 / 100 (Review by Officer Nice)