Metal To Infinity

Here’s the third release that belongs to the Wax Maniac Demo Series, a great initiative from Mike Andriani and his own label Heavy Artillery Records based in New York USA. This type of releases caught up my attention due to the fact it brings on rare raw demo / live recordings from great bands really deserve the attention from the die-hard Metal community! 

Midnight Chaser, out of sunny San Francisco Bay, contains four musicians able to spoil the old school Hard Rock and Heavy Metal maniacs all over the way. Step by step and with the driving forces of both founders Stephen Lauck (guitars) and bassist Josh ‘Texas’ Hunt, Midnight Chaser took form as soon as a well fitted singer (Brandon Thomas) and second axeman (Scott Atwood) were found. It was quite obvious they were all hooked on the mighty forces of Classic Hard Rock / Heavy Metal so their mission to complete was to bring out some songs able to reach and conquer the inner soul of as many as possible old school defenders of Metal. And so they did – thanks to Heavy Artillery Records who just released a five song EP from the band Midnight Chaser. 

See it as a demo or some kind of a bootleg output – to me this is just a worthy effort including excellent, traditional Heavy Metal music. Each time I speak out the name Midnight Chaser I have to think on a song from a late seventies band called White Spirit. WS, known as a very good NWOBHM act still deserves a place in my favourite all time records list so…  

While listening to Midnight Chaser I have the inclination to say that every now and than, influences from the New Wave Of British Heavy Metal music are strongly present. Based on the vocals only, the approach with Avenger, White Spirit, Tysondog or Tank frontmen cruising through my mind in a very positive manner. As for the musically touch – no doubt about the fact this is a superb mixture of both NWOBHM and early 80s HM music which allows me to say whole-hearted that I'm really pleased with the songs on the EP. Fans of legendary Tank will have a great time during the cover track ‘Turn Your Head Around’ – also make notice the vinyl version of Midnight Chaser’s EP included a cover from ZZ Top called ‘heard It On The X’. Two well played works originally made by true legends but the rest of the songs are more than worth to check out as well for sure. Standard vocals, razor sharp guitar riffage and appropriate melodic parts supported by a heavy loaded bassist… above all, the one delivering killing drums won’t let you fall asleep so staying alert is rule number one. About each member in Midnight Chaser – darn good musicians who bring on some kind of a tribute to the everlasting, unforgettable old school Hard Rock and Heavy Metal!  

Point is that only 200 CD’s and 200 vinyl made products are available so hurry up is you want to expand your collection with something big coming from Midnight Chaser. Place your order at: http://store.heavyartillery.us/  and watch out closely for the package to arrive later on. Good old Metal is on its way! Awaiting to that, you can hit THIS spot. To make the story complete, Midnight Chaser is busy completing their debut, full-length album scheduled for a February 2011 release through Heavy Artillery Records! 

My Points: 85 / 100 (Review by Stefan)