Metal To Infinity

After they brought out two releases "We Rule The Night" (2006) and "Nightrulers" (2008), Seattle, Washington USA based Midnight Idöls are back with a new full length, boiling hot Metal album entitled "Sworn To The Night" through Metal On Metal Records! Brothers and sisters hooked on both Classic Heavy Metal and NWOBHM better stay and read my thoughts on the effort.  

Maybe it's superfluous or I fall into recurrence but I'd like to tell you once again that external implementation looks fabulous all over. Metal On Metal Records delivers nothing but pure Metal outputs but for me it's necessary to mention that each time an album appears - inlay, booklet, prints... look fantastic. For some maybe unimportant how the outside looks like - anyway, thumbs up for the creators (Jowita / Simone) of all those beautiful artworks / layouts, etc.!  

Yeah, I can hear you screaming: ‘'Hey, what about Midnight Idöls' style of music?!''... Well, it's all about a delicious mixture of Classic Heavy Metal and NWOBHM, let that be clear! Absolutely nothing to do with the nowadays Metal movement - these guys take you all on a ride where only wild ones, True Metal heads are allowed. The band's style is hard, mean and technical, more than just okay! Hard hitting drums, ultra heavy bass lines, hard riffing guitar moves with finger burning leads are just a part of this awesome game. I definitely won't forget to mention Midnight Idöls have a magnificent singer in the ranks that is so damn good I'd like to compare him with icons like Paul Di ‘Anno and Steve Grimmett. Without adding high pitched parts to his vocal use, MI's singer still reminds me of the legendary ex-Iron Maiden and Grim Reaper frontmen for sure!

"Sworn To The Night" by Midnight Idöls means the ultimate alley for all old school Heavy Metal maniacs and NWOBHM addicts. Digging into my own old school Metal collection I'd like to compare their game to bands such as: Tygers Of Pan Tang, early Iron Maiden / Grim Reaper / Judas Priest, Tokyo Blade, The Rods, Raven, Angel Witch, TKO, Coney Hatch and loads of others. I started admiring this form of music several decades ago and I can't live without it after all those years. Up to you if you believe it or not - I really don't give a damn, but that's the way it is!  

Midnight Idöls play it so darn good - I can't get enough of it - truly! Opener ‘Sworn To The Night' brings me right on in a very good position - feeling good and want some more songs loaded with a lot of energy and passion for the real stuff. Next three songs kick me in the head while I'm pumping up the volume to enjoy the awesome powers optimally, but as soon as ‘Satan's Lullabye' shows up I nearly get a cardiac arrest. In the vein of early Tokyo Blade, this awesome riffing track shoots me straight to Heavy Metal heaven. Awesome up tempo rhythms with brilliant axe duties and superb vocals - one of my favourites for sure!  

‘Triumph Of The Sinner' comes up and I'm ready to rumble again, yup - another one worth to be defined as ‘brilliant'. In a mid tempo mode Midnight Idöls play ‘Curse Of The Crimson Moon' which has pure power chords to offer, average rating it gets from me but... last one called ‘Necropolis (City Of The Dead)' and can be described as my top favourite song of the entire album. For almost 5 minutes, the guys in Midnight Idöls open all registers - this is fabulous, superb... it's a speed up killer track in the vein of very early Metallica.

They kept high speed velocities to conclude "Sworn To The Night" and they succeeded completely. This last song shows how good they really are - during the entire album playing songs in many different styles with diverse rhythms... you have to be real good to realize that. Above all, you have to keep the listener's attention intact so they can fully enjoy the entire album without boring moments. Speaking of Midnight Idöls - these guys have it all in their might! Superb release from a superb, pure Metal loaded bunch of leatherheads! More info at: www.midnightidols.com  or  www.metal-on-metal.com .

My Points: 96 / 100 (Review by Stefan)