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Miles Beyond took me by totally by surprise with their debut album a couple of years ago – entitled Miles Beyond, this was one of the most impressive Melodic Power Metal acts those days. This way US Metal, regular visitors of Metal To Infinity webzine know we’re completely hooked on it so nothing wrong to tell about this gem, right! 

Their debut album delivered nothing but the very best in US Metal, we were spoiled with at least 70 minutes of pleasure! Afterwards, a deadly silence descended over Miles Beyond’s existence and I was wondering what happened in times of their absence. Some research on the band’s developments back then allows me to mention they actually never quit, no way. The band gigged as much as possible, rehearsed on and on – the only main thing that was lacking… yeah right, a new effort to unleash with one goal… to spoil every US Metal maniac in general. Speaking about the current situation in the camp of Miles Beyond – they’re finally back with a new, 3 song EP called “Discovery”. 

An independent release with ‘again’ breathtaking songs on the track list! Classic Metal, mainly both old and new Iron Maiden influenced… Miles Beyond still can count on my admiration because this one I’d like to call ‘brilliant’. They can’t hide their passion for legendary Iron Maiden… hearing those three songs on “Discovery” allows me to make that statement. Check each one of the members’ skills and you and I'm sure you will share my thoughts on it right on. Time Moody’s using his throat in a way just like Mr. Dickison from Maiden does – top notch! This guy is also in charge as guitar player along with Paulo and all work out outstanding. As soon as these guys start duelling on their axes, Metal magic lurks from behind. Over the top melodic – brilliant! 

Let fists fill the air and sing along and on first song ‘Discovery'… feel the Iron Maiden vibes burn from within and have a blast on this beautiful, very melodic track delivering outstanding skills from each one in the band… pay full attention for the excellent twin guitar tactics! Nice and gentle moves in the beginning of ‘My Able Axe’… a bit Hard Rock minded but that’s just temporary – after a while this song really turns out into a real Classic Metal masterpiece! ‘Thulsa Doom’ (Fangs Of The Serpent) brings on early Maiden guitar works and some kinda, orchestral vibes… maybe a strange combination but it’ll hits you in the face! After a while, bassist Larry Moody appears on the forefront with a great lead, the songs takes another alley and goes on really fantastic. A lot of variation during the entire song and that’s what we like, right?! 

What else can I say than this 3 song masterpiece entitled “Discovery” sounds so damn good. Iron Maiden fans have to order the effort right away – no doubt about, “Discovery” gonna please you all over the way! There about a million of bands trying to act like IM, unfortunately, only a few succeeded so far to me. Two bands refreshing my memory at this moment – first there is Wind Wraith (USA) to announce, than I’d like to mention Miles Beyond best Maiden minded band so far to me! To be honest, great EP but I hope they will appear real soon with a new full length… “Discovery lasts approximately 20 minutes and that’s too short for me. I'm already look forward for their next assault on my US Metal ears!

MY POINTS: 94 / 100 (Review by Stefan)