Metal To Infinity

Well, here we have another great release from 7Hard Records. It seems like this label has a nose for talent and bands that deliver a surplus value.  Recently they released bands like Crystal Tears and Edge Of Forever, nowadays they increase quality with acts like Empires Of Eden, Psycho Choke ánd Minuetum. 

Minuetum (I still find it a difficult name to remember and pronounce, but so be it), is a band from Finland and they bring their modern metal fast and furious.  It’s comparable with the likes of Dragonforce, Sonata Arctica and the fastest Stratovarius hymns, and that’s probably because of the classic based keyboard melodies of founding member and main composer Dimitris Melidis.  

If my info is correct, ‘Haunted Spirit’ should be their debut album, and they got in touch with some real professionals in this genre.  Timo Tolkki (ex-Stratovarius, Revolution Renaissance) is responsible for the mixing and mastering of this release, but there were also some guest musicians like Bob Katsionis on guitars.  I once interviewed Bob Katsionis (Outloud, Firewind, a.o.) concerning his solo album ‘Imaginary Force’, which I still consider as one of the best instrumental albums to date. This exceedingly friendly musician got much respect since then, and I was pleased to hear him on this album as well.   

My overall impression on ‘Haunted Spirit’ is really awesome! The songs have great melody lines, high speed riffing and impressive vocals of Dimitris Zaharopoulos. The men on the axe know what we want to hear, and all material has a multi layer structure of keyboards and heavy guitars. Perhaps, some might say that the songs are performed too fast, that some tracks could have an extra if they wouldn’t rush by all the time, but that’s only a matter of personal taste.  Minuetum consists of dedicated musicians that like to rock, and prefer the highest gear! 

It’s of no use to name a few tracks that can be pointed out as ‘best material’, as there is a constant level of quality present. Perhaps you should try with ‘The Dark Half’, ‘Time To Fly’, or ‘Key To Glory’, but that would be unfair for other great songs like ‘Follow Us’, ‘The Ghost King’ and ‘Into The Night’.  So, try to catch this release, and listen to a few songs to have an overall idea of what this band is up to.   

My rating: 88 / 100 (Review by Patrick De Sloover)