Metal To Infinity

“Slang Des Doods” means “Snake Of Death”.  This title was enough to understand this is a Dutch or Flemish band. And of course it is; these guys are from Tilburg in Holland and it seems they’ve released one album before. On the biography I’ve read it was melodic Black Metal with plenty of Death Metal and Progressive Metal influences. All these ingredients are strong enough to take a listen. 

Well, everything that was written in the biography is actually true. Misanthropia is in the first place a Black Metal band but one of the kinds that use bombastic and orchestral samples in the back ground, giving that Symphonic touch. Because if it a specific atmosphere is created like we use to know from for example Dimmu Borgir. The ‘grave voice’ of singer/guitar player Bram Koller supports even more the evil and sinister mood this kind of music demands. And yes, this lad contains the ideal voice for it! Ultra fast drums, outstanding samples and threatening keyboards are doing the rest. If you hear “Angst” (which means “Fear”) you will understand what I mean but don’t stop there because the beginning of “The strangled one” is even more frightening… 

Nevertheless Misanthropia knows its own style by adding these specific Progressive touches into their music. As above also some good played guitar solos are weaved into the songs. Especially the variation on every song makes the band sound Progressive and technical. Not that I am the biggest fan of those uncountable hits on the snare drums but fortunately there are more than enough breaks to stay focused on every single song. With “The Light Bringer” Misanthropia even offers a Black Metal semi ballad, seldom heard before but it sounds great. The instrumental “Tremolo Funeral” is just astonishing and proves some first class guitar players making part of this band, although I didn’t need this little masterpiece to discover that!   

I’m totally not specialized in Black Metal but this is indeed something every fanatic of the genre must have heard. Every fanatic? No, not those who’re only into old school Black Metal because Misanthropia sounds far too modern. I suppose these fans will criticize Misanthropia like they’ve criticized bands like Dimmu Borgir and Cradle Of Filth after a few years. Nice to know; Mike Wead (Mercyful Fate, King Diamond, and Bibleblack) was responsible for the production and the mix… 

My Points: 80 / 100 (Review by Officer Nice)