Metal To Infinity

I will never forget my first edition of the Keep It True festival, it was back in 2005. That what I saw that night was real and not just fantasy (!)… Let me explain; the first day of this festival took place in Dittigheim, a village that counts a few hundred inhabitants. I was convinced some time machine flashed me back into the past, back to the middle eighties when the Metal community was a menacing and sinister subculture... Imagine Dittigheim as a picturesque village between green hills and a delightful brook searches its way down, making a water mill rolling its turns. In the centre there’s a charming old church, Christianity is clearly deep inside every citizen… In this same area there were on this faithful day a few hundred Metal heads. They were all dressed in black, had long hairs, leather jackets and jeans with plenty of patches, spikes and everything that belonged to the Eighties Heavy Metal scène... They didn’t fit at all in this environment and I’m still convinced the frightening villagers were counting their last hours, praying to their God, hoping to survive this dark and evil night… They must have been persuaded a Black Mass took place, witnessing the devil’s disciples with beer and smokes in hand, singing along with – for them - noisy satanic music… It was in this artificial scène I met Bobby “Leather lungs” Lucas, who was in that era the singer of Overlorde. He’s a very friendly guy and I remember he worked very hard at my questions for an interview I did for another webzine. He promised me back then he would release an album with his other band someday… a band called Morbid Sin. Overlorde was by the way unforgettable on the second day of this ultimate true Metal fest! 

Five years later I can finally lay my hands on this release, called “Sins of the flesh”. To be honest this isn’t a brand new album; it is a remastered version of the never released debut album from 1998. Morbid Sin was Bobby’s first band; can you imagine he was still a high school kid in the era Morbid Sin was formed? We’re talking about the year 1985… Especially since his appearances with Seven Withes Bobby proved to belong amongst the better singers in the Metal scène. To me his performances with Overlorde were godlike and I consider it as one of the best US Metal albums from the last ten years...  

Take your time for this record, let it grow on you and I promise you the enlightening will come. It took some time for me too... The more I listen to “Sins of the flesh”, the more I’m convinced about the strength of this album. This album represents traditional Metal songs like “New revolution”, in vein of Lucas’ Seven Witches era and Doom Metal tracks which are mainly influenced by old Black Sabbath (for example “Crazy man”). Furthermore you’ll hear some pure US Power Metal (“Heaven help us”) and even Thrashy tracks like “Torn apart”.  On “Child of darkness (child of light)” Morbid Sin offer us a fantastic emotional slower song with once more excellent musical performances and mind-blowing vocals.  

It proves how varied this release is and Bobby’s voice remains first class! His clear and strong timbre fits the band perfectly, making “Sins of the flesh” a pure Heavy Metal gem! From the beginning until the end classic Metal riffs are heading your way on changing hard hitting tempi. In between you’ll hear typical Heavy Metal guitar solos and Metal arrangements from a very high level. Some dark samples in between the songs are giving this album a threatening touch! As I’ve said before a few turns of this disc won’t miss its effect and I’m quite sure you’ll get obsessed by it, just as I am… Fans of Seven Witches (of course Bobby Lucas era), Overlorde, Ravensthorn will adore this release! 

The knowledge Morbid Sin is working on a new album makes me even more enthusiast. This is the kind of Metal I want to hear until I’ll take my last breath, hoping to deserve my place in hell… to listen to Metal to Infinity! Purchase this gem at or check the band’s site at  

My Points: 87 / 100 (Review by Officer Nice)