MORBID SIN - THE DEMO'S 1988 - 1992



Metal To Infinity

Hell Yeah; Morbid Sin! Not familiar with the band? I can’t really blame you for it because this has always been an obscure Heavy – or should I say US Power – Metal band. They were formed somewhere in the eighties but never broke through. It has only been a few years ago they released “Sins Of The Flesh” which was more than a decent CD, check our site for the review. Bobby Lucas, the friendly lad we know from Overlorde and the first two Seven Witches albums is the front man of the band. Those who know this guy’s works should also know how godlike his voice really is.  

It is typical for Stormspell records to find old demos and to give unknown, especially American Metal bands, another chance to release their gems. The fact that Morbid Sin was able to release their old demos on this label is just incredible! Fans of US Metal have been spoiled before by this label and I’m quite sure every fanatic of this kind of Metal will reach another eargasm by this record. 

If you’re into those hard hitting mid tempo arrangements, with blistering guitars, thundering drums and high pitched vocals you’ll be satisfied from the very first second. Both demos from the band are available on this disc and it’s kicking from the very first until the last moment. Lucas’ high pitched screams are miraculous, the fast fingered riffs and screaming guitars will easily blow you away! Bobby Lucas has such a varied voice, strong in every note, that it is as a matter of fact a wonder he never became a real Rock star. Morbid Sin delivers intoxicating Metal, this music breathes everything what Metal is really about and proves once more why Eighties Metal still rules. 

Morbid Sin goes slow and rides fast, gets aggressive or even melancholic and the strong lungs of Bobby Lucas has a lot to do with the wide ranged emotions on this CD.  “The reason of insanity” is a great Power Metal track with everything in it I am longing for. “Sisters of Salem” (twice at this record) is another fantastic track, one that will take you away in its story at once! Also “The Cathedral (Of The Black Monk)” is a kind of song that brands this fantastic band. The mood in this track is dazzling, blends some of the best elements of Heavy Metal!  Bobby Lucas isn’t only the front man; he’s for the biggest part song writer too and believes me this man knows what True Metal is all about!  

The production on this release, talking about both demos, is pretty good, making it another good reason to label it as a ‘most cherish album’. The galloping and twisted classic riffs, the seducing tempo changes, the good song writing, multiple breaks,  the emotional played leads and the fact that each single track contains its own character are all reasons to purchase this one. Add the cold shivering vocals of one of the best Metal singers in the scčne and you’ know what I am talking about! Fans of Overlorde and the first Seven Witches albums shouldn’t doubt buying this at once because these three bands are comparable in style. In my opinion Morbid Sin sounds a bit darker than both other formations and the used samples aren’t the only reason for it.  

I don’t know anything about the status of Morbid Sin right now. I suppose the band is still active but as usual I also think they’re obliged to stay low profiled. The lack of interest of the bigger media forces this kind of bands to stay very low behind the surface. Yet I am convinced there’s a worldwide public for the band and I am still hoping they will be invited at one of those German festivals; they really deserve their place at KIT or HOA… And Bobby Lucas? It’s still a pity this man doesn’t receive what he deserves because he easily belongs to the best Metal singers on earth. I still can’t understand why other bands, with less talented singers, didn’t invite him to join forces. 

Anyway I have enjoyed this release very much and it will be in my CD-player for a longer time.  This is a more than welcome release because I was longing for another first class Eighties Metal album. To order: check  

My Points: 92 / 100 (Review by Officer Nice)