Metal To Infinity

Morbid Tales is a sic piece Metal band from Germany which released their first album ''Psychotic Mind Dance'' in 2007. Make notice of the fact Morbid Tales arose from the ashes of Megiddo - Melodic Death / Thrash Metal was their name of the game and from 2001 to 2006 the band offered the Metal community on Live album, an EP and 2 full length efforts. Not bad for an upcoming group but they still changed name into Morbid Tales. Like to know the reason why? Well, I don't know shit about that!    

This review is meant to spread the word of MT's new output which is a 4 song EP entitled ''Come Inside''. Hearing these songs, it was quite clear that the band was inspired by nowadays, so called modern ways of Power and Thrash Metal. I hear some influences from late Sentenced, Bullets From My Vallentine, Children Of Bodom, a bit of Maiden / Iced Earth and Nightwish, even vibes from late Slayer / Metallica appear temporary.    

First song 'Come Inside' opens furious, actually a perfect blend of Bay Area Thrash Metal and nowadays Power / Thrash Metal with nice tempo accelerations - awesome melodic lines, also the guitar riffs and solo's seem more than acceptable to me... without a doubt a brilliant song! 'Under Sentence Of Death' starts again with high velocity but unfortunately, I can't keep my full attention on this song after a while... good advice to the band: Keep going for the real speed movements because it feels so much better to me! Okay, what's next?    

'One Step Further' is pure dark minded and is played in a tempered mode - this one shows the other side of Morbid Tales... I see it as sort of a 'break' to recharge batteries but to be honest and as mentioned before, I'd like to hear the band most of all taking the fast lane. Last one 'Torch No.1' can't be described as a pure Speed / Thrash Metal song but have to admit - this number sounds brilliant. Real speedy moments to appear, neckbreaking guitar / drum sections, awesome breaks / melodic parts and vocal use in perfect harmony. Does reminds me of Children Of Bodom in better days for some reason.    

Morbid Tales' ''Come Inside'' EP just opened up many doors - I guess with a style like this you can build up a huge fan base for sure. The musical aspects I've heard during the entire EP to coordinate many years of both old and new Metal so forget about your age and go check out Morbid Tales at: 

MY POINTS: 86 / 100 (Review by Stefan)