Metal To Infinity

Swedish Mortalicum is one of the 2010 newcomers on Metal On Metal Records! From the moment I heard a track on the label’s “Compendium Of Metal Vol. 3” album, I knew right away that Mortalicum delivers the very best in the field of old school Doom / Hard Rock and Metal music! So next step in their career was to record a full-length album… meanwhile, the job is done and I'm very pleased to spread the word about “Progress Of Doom”.

Formed back in 2006 and (as happened within the ranks of countless other bands), Mortalicum also had to deal with line-up problems but in the end everything went good after the right musicians were found. “Progress Of Doom” offers 10 heavy loaded tracks. They play mainly Doom Metal varied with slices of Classic Hard Rock / Heavy Metal – fans of 70’s psychedelic Rock scene as well as Stoner freaks will be very satisfied with an album like this. Sometimes I hear creeps spreading silly opinions that Doom Metal is a boring style of music. Well, to all those telling such a bullshit – check out Mortalicum’s “Progress Of Doom”. I'm sure you all will change your point of view! 

First song called ‘Guiding Star’ opens in a perfect way – defenders of late 70’s Hard Rock better take heed because this song will take you back in time. New bands coming with a vintage style of Hard Rock and Metal, I just love it! Really heavy guitar riffs and stunning straight ahead solos are served just like in the good old days (damn, those were the days!). The band’s singer is one of a kind to me – impossible to compare with anyone else… great singer to me because of his originality, let’s say kinda unusual vocal use. Next song ‘Into The Night’ is so heavy you probably will be blown away. Vocals still in great shape, unique to the core and I'm still in a very good mood. I’d like to recommend this song to very early Black Sabbath fans hooked on songs like ‘Children Of The Grave’ for example.

The title track has good up-tempo rhythm sections and another one I really like is ‘A Darker Power’ because of the way Mortalicum starts in a mid-tempo mode but half-way through the song they speed up and that feels just awesome. Again you can hear late seventies / early eighties character here and of course fully enjoy it… great song! ‘Power And Control’ brings back the good old days of Traditional Doom Metal in the vein of Black Sabbath’s “Mob Rules” and when ‘The Voyager’ starts, I’ve got the feeling deep down inside my heart that reminds me of an old Thin Lizzy track called ‘Bad Reputation’ – based on the rhythm section alone, you know.  

More awesome works to come – ‘Revolution In Vain’ for example makes your head start banging around. Heavy loaded, up-tempo guitar riffs that with a fantastic vocalist keep my full attention. ‘Darkness All Around’ and especially ‘Inner Peace’ is a song I really adore with all my heart. One last song entitled ‘Damnation Of The Soul’ to go and definitely this (more than 9 minutes lasting masterpiece) is what I’d like to call the 'best track of the entire album’. Played with intensity and passion for Hard Rock and Metal music... it’s a real pleasure to be the witness of building of a song in such a fantastic manner. With an eye for detailed musical perfection, the song offers multiple rhythms that make it all so enjoyable… nice and gentle moments interlaced with awesome heavy outbursts, genius vocals and almighty guitar moves bringing many moments of pure pleasure. One of my favourite tracks for sure!

Final conclusion about Mortalicum’s “Progress Of Doom” – I'm completely surprised, pleased and above all convinced this is a really good band. Kicking off with such a fantastic effort, well I'm sure their story will continue. This was only a start, I guess – a good looking future is assured for Mortalicum. If you have a heart for Classic Doom, late 70’s / early 80’s Hard Rock / Heavy Metal or even Stoner Rock / Metal, I insist that you check out the band at: or order the CD from their label via

My Points: 92 / 100 (Review by Stefan)