Metal To Infinity

In April 2012, Metal On Metal Records unleashed three brand new albums and as usual, each one is more than worth to check out. Old school Metal maniacs with a good taste can only admit that MOM always deliver Metal as pure as can be. The past has repeatedly demonstrated this fact with loads of excellent releases as is shown at: Yesterday I wrote the review of the new Skelator album “Agents Of Power”, now I’d like to pen down my thoughts on the new piece by Swedish Doom / Hard Rock / Heavy Metal band Mortalicum, entitled “The Endtime Prophecy”.

The previous Mortalicum CD “Progress Of Doom” reflected the true nature of the band, harsh and heavy guitar riffs sawing straight to the bone but not without the attention for loads of melodic parts as well. Also very interesting on that album was the frontman who appeared to be an owner of a very good, unique voice. All in all, a really tasteful effort was made, actually a perfect acquisition for the old school Hard Rock & Metal community!

When a debut album sounds good, people mostly expect an even better end result from the follow up. In the case of Mortalicum these expectations are completely fulfilled. All the good stuff I’ve heard on “Progress Of Doom” is also present on their newest “The Endtime Prophecy” but the song structures seem to be better in my opinion. Nowadays, the band is stronger, more matured in terms of musical ability. If a band can make musical progress during the first years of existence is a very important point, and Mortalicum show how it should be done!

‘My Dying Soul’ and ‘Revelation Within’ immediately put on the fire and my body temperature gradually starts to rise. Really good, unique vocals and a flood of heavy guitar riffs nearly striking me down. Songs like these make me think back to my younger years… going back into the late seventies / early eighties – a time that will stay with me forever. So big thanks to bands like Mortalicum for keeping my old school memories alive and well! More than once you will be surrounded by darkness dwelling over your soul like a sweet desire. The title track, ‘Devil’s Hand’, ‘Dark Night’ and ‘Embracing Our Doom’ bring on these feelings for sure. The last song, which is appropriately entitled, ‘The End’, is a very easy one delivered with so much inner sensitivity of the vocalist – again the ultimate evidence of a very promising musician!

Conclusion: “The Endtime Prophecy” sounds better than its predecessor “Progress Of Doom”. I had a good time listening to the entire album because there are no weak moments on it. Mortalicum’s sound of classic Doom Metal in combination with good old hard rocking Heavy Metal and some Stoner elements work perfectly all the way. Fans of early Black Sabbath, Candlemass, Trouble and Rainbow, Texas Hippie Coalition, Vanderbuyst, Grand Magus, Thin Lizzy and similar stuff, purchase right at:

My Points: 93 / 100 (Review by Stefan)