Metal To Infinity

Mortician is a band that the oldies amongst us could remember; I dare not to say “should”. These Austrians released two demos in the Eighties, to be honest unknown to me but they have released an EP as well. It’s an obscure thing I suppose only a chosen few own, well I don’t. But I remember I’ve heard it once so many years ago when a friend of mine bought it. In those days there also was so much to buy and teenagers weren’t wealthy enough to buy it all. The Internet, downloading, Youtube, Facebook, Myspace… those words didn’t even exist. Before the youngsters amongst even dare to laugh; compare it with what a car or a television was for a primitive man… nothing imaginable! I know there were the tapes but believe me also the eighties had so much to discover that it was impossible to ‘tape’ it all. So, during the years and many grey hairs further I forgot about the band until the postman delivered me a Pure Underground Records promo from these guys.  

Nevertheless I have already declared what Mortician is all about; Pure Eighties Metal. Two original band members are still active and with singer Daniel Khan they decided to release this compilation of all the band did before. The band adds on this disc three live songs from their appearance at the mighty Keep It True Festival, dated 2010. This is traditional Metal all the way, underground, obscure, cult… Fans of old traditional Metal bands will really adore this release. The ‘band’s song’ might sound a bit like AC/DC but furthermore you will discover similarities with bands like a bit of Priest and a lot of Accept, Trance, Gravestone etc. The high pitched vocals are mixed with the rawer kind of voices and even A Tortured Soul crosses my mind although both bands probably will never had heard of each other. Mortician might sound cliché for some at some points (“Metal Worship”) but beware that this music is more than 20 years old! I can really enjoy tracks like”Prepare For Death”, the mysterious “Dead Beauty” and “No light”. 

Old school Metal, if that’s your goal Mortician will deliver you the perfect goods! I know several youngsters wearing nowadays leather jackets and jeans with lots of patches (like we used to do in our middle ages) who will be fond of this kind of Metal! Damn, I still have much to buy because of all those great releases by Pure Steel although I am still hoping they will reward us one day with ‘full CD’s’ in the future … Awesome to hear the band again, check them out at  

My Points: 80 / 100 (Review by Officer Nice)