Metal To Infinity

Mortician, aha, isn’t that the notorious US metal band from Will Rahmer? Not in this case, as the Mortician, we are talking about, is a band from Austria, lucky they are!  I’m not into the US namesake, so let’s give this band a try!  The info sheet explains that this band originally recorded a mini album called “No War” around 1987.  Before this feat, they released a demo called “Street Warriror” within the same year. The usual shit happened, so members came, new members joined the band, but all in all, the band decided to call it a day after the release of a second demo “Break The Rules” in 1989.  

After the break up, guitar player Thomas Metzler started another band called Art Of Fear, together with the original Mortician vocalist Daniel Khan. Years went by, the success story didn’t become what was originally expected, so Daniel and Thomas decided to reunite Mortician again, and give it another try.  The Pure Steel Record Label noticed the plans of both men, so they offered them a deal to start the second youth of Mortician.   

As the original EP was limited in a vinyl version, the band and label decided to re-release the ‘No War’ EP including some extras.  What we hold now in hands is ‘No War’, both mentioned demos and a live version of the ‘No War’ title track. As expected, the sound quality is poor to average, but all in all, I had a good feeling while I was listening to this ‘No War & More’ disc!  The style is typical NWOBHM, including high pitched vocals, really awesome arrangements, and songs that keep lingering on!  Songs like ‘Listen To The Priest’, ‘Hot Fight’ are really entertaining and I felt like I’m 18 again!  

Some might say that it all sounds dated, not original at all, and done hundred times better afterwards, but it all gave me a good feeling, and that’s what music is all about!  Don’t expect a milestone or highlight of the year 2009/2010, but an interesting re-release of a band that had the correct spirit and energy to tear down the roof.  While I’m writing this review, I’m thinking on what’s to come!  What will the new Mortician, anno 2010 bring?  I hope that they will enter a professional studio, work hard and steady on the sound and get in touch with an engineer that is capable to give the new songs and album a modern approach..  If they skip the above, I’m afraid that they will undergo the same as 20 years ago, and that would be a pity.   

My rating: 83 / 100 (Review by Patrick De Sloover)