Metal To Infinity

Mortification is a three piece Heavy Metal band from Melbourne Australia. Steve Rowne (vocals & bass) is the chief of the band and brings with ‘’The Evil Addiction Destroying Machine’’ his 14th studio album out. His companions are Mick Jelinic on guitar and Adam Zaffarese on drums  

Steve survived the fight against cancer (leukaemia). His doctors told him in 1996 that it was terminal but Steve wasn't ready to let go just yet. His faith probably saved him, because Mortification is a Christian band. 

Mortification has been around 20 years. They have releases on label giants Nuclear Blast Records and Metal Blade. Albums like "Scrolls Of The Megilloth" and "Post Momentary Affliction" Which are considered classics, gave them world tours. They are working on a 20th anniversary double album "Twenty Years In The Underground" -  now there is a new album out through their own Rowe Productions and will be in the stores on October 30, 2009.   

It took about 3 years and have changed their sound… Mortification’s mix of styles remains their starting point. Death Metal, Grind, Thrash, Power, Groove, Classic Metal and even a touch of Punk! You’ll find it all back while listening to "The Evil Addiction Destroying Machine". 

The opener of the CD it is also the title song. This is an up-tempo track with hardcore influences. The vocals of Steve Rowe is not really my thing and that will continue throughout the entire album ."The Master Of Reinvention" is more Doom Metal with a beautiful centerpiece where guitarist Mick Jeinic gives us a great melodic solo .Than we come to the best song called "A Sense Of Eternity" which is a Death Metal-tinged one with a pure Metal refrain where Mick's brings us 2 guitar solo's. "Elastisized Outrage" goes more to the Punk direction where blast-beats can also be heard. The 5th song is for me the weakest song on the CD. "One Man With Courage Makes A Majority" sounds boring…especially Steve's vocals are far from ‘well done’. With "Pilots Shoulder Hanging From Dust" we have one of the best songs on the CD. A mix of Punk and Metal… a song that could do well if sung live. Then it is time for Doom Metal with "Pushing The Envelope Of The Red Sunrise"… you can hear some Motorhead in there - Punk Metal with hardcore influences. Heavy Metal comes along with "Alexander The Metal Worker". Here Steve's vocals are not appropriate I feel… The last song "Resurrection Band" is not a bad one at all. Guitarist Mick delivers the goods with a nice guitar solo here… up-tempo song where Steve sings a bit different and sounds better to me. 

"The Evil Addiction Destroying Machine" isn't a bad CD but that’s as far as it goes. To me it’s the vocals that bring this effort downhill. The use of a 2nd guitarist, would bring the songs to a higher level. According to myself, Mortification will always stay underground. 

My rating: 71 / 100 (Review by Metalandy)