Metal To Infinity

From out of the USA comes a band called Motortrain. Looking at the bandís picture at the back of this slipcase I had the feeling this is another Southern Rock or even rocking Hard Rock band. Am I right? Yes I amÖ.

Nashville Pussy and The Supersuckers, Rose Tattoo, AC/DCÖ I suppose itís all weaved in this kind of music and I donít discuss the words of frontman ĎUmpí that the band plays music with a classic sound. No extras, no complicated song writing, no spectacular guitars or vocals but just old school hard hitting Rock.

I know there are plenty of fans out there, adoring this kind of music on a bikers fest along with lots of beers (check the front cover), a smoke and all that a Rockín Roll party really needs. Not my cup of tea but itís up to you to decide if this is your kind of entertainment.

My points: 70 / 100 (Review by Officer Nice)