Metal To Infinity

This is the fourth album of this British Metal band. This is the first time I receive an album of them but it seems former members of Seventh Angel (UK) and Ashen Mortality are making part of My Silent Wake. The front cover is pretty remarkable but I shouldn’t be that surprised about it when I read Rex Zachary is responsible for it. This guy worked with for example Opeth before and I really likes his works.

This kind of music isn’t meant for everyone’s ears and I suppose only well trained Doom Metal fanatics will be interested. First of all you have to like Doom metal, second you have to like unclear vocals. Nevertheless My Silent Wake knows how to put a dark atmosphere into their music. Musical wise this band flirts with traditional Doom Metal bands but the grunt vocals makes me label them more in the Death Metal scène. At some points in this release Death was even crossing my mind. "Journey's end", the last song of this record is totally different and delivers clear vocals. This is a track that asks time because it is so very different but at least it shows another face of the band... The further you go into this song, the more you will adore it!

My Silent Wake delivers a good album and every single track has it’s own specific points. My Silent Wake doesn’t hold back to put Progressive elements into their music too. It makes this release varied enough for the listener but it also means you need to take your time for it. The silent and calm intermezzo’s don’t miss their effect on me. Fans of a mixture between Opeth, Death, My Dying bride, Candlemass and Black Sabbath must give this band an honest chance. Check

My Points: 76 / 100 (Review by Officer Nice)