Metal To Infinity

Is France unleashing hell? I suppose so because one after another new Metal CD from a French band is coming my way. Not that I care; after all there’s plenty of talent in this country and Mystery Blue is a band that already received respect. I saw the band once on stage, during one of the previous editions of the Headbangers Open Air festival. It was a good show on a day I will always remember.  

The first album of this band is dated 1996 and ever since they released four more albums. Especially in the underground True Metal scène the band can be considered as successful. I know that especially in Germany Metal heads are fond of them. No ‘happy happy’ Power Metal but Metal that is straight forwarded, influenced by the Eighties Metal scène and with a big slice to the US kind of Metal. Most remarkable member is of course vocalist Nathalie Geyer, who joined the band in 1998. She contains a good Metal voice and is a first class front woman. She has a strong voice with a very nice vocal sound. She reminds me to Doro Pesh, in a better version by the way and to Kimberley Gos (Sinergry). Her high screams once and a while are fantastic and this lady is capable to mix power with variable vocal lines. 

The new album is very energetic and will deliver you one after another, great guitar driven Metal song. Conform the old tradition of Heavy Metal Mystery Blue brings on dynamic tracks foreseen with great riffs and fantastic lightning fast guitar solos. Nathalie Geyer’s voice fits the music perfect and this melodic kind of Metal keeps you focused from the beginning until the end. Mystery Blue doesn’t exaggerate with typical clichés and therefore I respect them very much. Not that I hear exceptional Metal songs but this is more than a decent and enjoyable CD that fans of Saxon, Hammerfall, Sinergy etc. will surely like. 

The production is very strong, good and it’s clear the band worked hard to make all the elements, that makes Heavy Metal so irresistible, recognizable. In my opinion this might be one of the best French, present Metal formations nowadays. Maybe some French bands should cooperate and organize a tour in the European countries. Check them out at:  

My Points : 86 / 100 (Review by Officer Nice)