Metal To Infinity

In 1990 Mystic Force released their very first album, “Shipwrecked With The Wicked”. Their music, based on the older Progressive Power Metal bands from the ‘US of A’ was Godlike! As a fanatic of this genre I discovered this band to love them forever. Ever since Mystic Force released 4 full albums, from which “The Eternal Quest” is by far my favourite one. Their last effort is dated 2000 and William Wren (Oracle) was their latest singer. Before Bobby Hicks was but I suppose this guy isn’t active in the scène anymore, if he is, please let us know! Driving force of the band is Keith Menser, boss of Siegen Records and ex member of Iced Earth, Twilight Kingdom and Delusion.

Anyway, Mystic Force released in 1990 an EP called “Take Command (the demo years)”. It was another very good prove these guys’ talents. Although I thought the band vanished forever they suddenly appeared on the schedule for the last Keep It true festival. I admit I was afraid they would cancel but the band appeared and it was a fantastic gig that is forever branded in my mind! The band delivered all I was longing for and their music, in vein of the old Lethal, Helstar, Fates Warning, Queensryche, was well tasted by the public. The band contains new members and I suppose, as a matter of fact I hope the band will continue writing music. Meanwhile Mystic Force re-releases their EP “Take Command” album on Siegen Records.

A new front cover was created and to be honest the band did a fantastic job by creating this eye-catching drawn. This is the kind of front covers that will maintain your attention in a store… as far as it is available. I suppose the Internet will give you more chances of success! Also the booklet and everything else seems very professional; a biography, old time pictures… Awesome!

And the music? Well, this is the same CD as the old one although it seems the band has refreshed the sound. Those who already own this ‘goodie' shouldn't doubt purchasing it again, if you're ignorant about this band just follow my advice and buy it! The band added two bonus tracks and 2 live songs what makes it even more worth to trying to find this one.

With “Take Command”, “Awakened By The Dawn” (what an overwhelming song) and tracks like “Stagetruck”, “With Rank Comes Rule” nothing can go wrong! If you’re into high quality old fashioned US Progressive Power Metal with high soaring vocals, shredding and spectacular guitars, powerful rhythms, sophisticated yet demanding arrangements… this is a CD that deserves a special place in your CD-racks! A shame this band never received the big attention of the labels! Killer stuff!

My Points: 95 / 100 (Review by Officer Nice)