The story repeats itself: something totally unexpected can change your life as Rock musician in a blink of an eye. This happened a guitar player named Lars Boquist (he featured in several music magazines such as ''Guitar Player''!) while he watched the Swedish version of ''Star Search'' on his television screen. A singer called Marcus Lundgren appeared on TV – he brought his own performance as Bon Scott of legends AC/DC. Unfortunately he did not win the competition but he grabbed the attention of the guy that was watching the show at home. 

Guitarist Lars (ex-Reptilian/Pole Position) contacted Marcus to work out an audition, along with Lars' soulmates Hampus Landin (drums / also in Miss Behaviour) and bassist Jesper Lahn. Marcus adopted the challenge and they headed to the rehearsal room for some kind of a try out. All went out pretty good for the vocalist, he was surrounded by well trained musicians who were satisfied with his vocal duties he delivered that day. What started at home watching TV turned out in the formation of a new Swedish powerhouse named Neondaze, a story you won't hear every day, right? 

Before this happened, Lard was active in a Metal cover but couldn’t found the right fitted singer – he had many songs ready to unleash but without a singer… you know the story! Problem solved and Neondaze was born, line up completed – song structures took form piece by piece, vocal duties worked out better and better and the perfection of the drum basics started also. Due to their good musicianship / mutual chemistry, Neondaze had 12 songs on the list to bring out. Their self-titled debut album is just released through Artist Service/Music Buy Mail in healthy conditions. 

It's a hard hitting product blowing out a cool mixture of NWOBHM and Classic Hard Rock to me. With a singer that do reminds me of Def Leppard's Joe Elliott and a guitar player that rips the flesh of his fingers while shredding – these guys are real good. It's a puzzle that fits completely, all together as one, the anticipation on each other is outstanding… Neondaze is refreshing to the core, influenced by Classic icons or NWOBHM - due to a lot of variation audible on the CD, I'd like to recommend this silver disc to all fanatics raising their fists up high for bands like Def Leppard, Spread Eagle, Thin Lizzy, Santers, … A band with a quite unusual background history, spitting flame and fire with their intensive form of powerful Rock music!  To order by means of MBM right HERE.  MY POINTS: 85 / 100